Founded: 1979

Headquarters: Denton, TX

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Brave Combo is perhaps the world's most famous modern-day polka band. They frequently win grammies for best [[polk records, and they've been on shows like The Simpsons. Carl Finch performed some of the incidential music in the Talking Heads movie, True Stories, directed by David Byrne, and the band made cameos in this film. They're influenced by all sorts of different kinds of music, including various varieties of polka, as well as pop and rock music, which they've also been known to do.



  • [[Polkamania:Brave Combo|Polkamani
  • [[Music For Squares:Brave Combo|Music For Square
  • [[Urban Grown-ups:Brave Combo|Urban Grown-up
  • [[Originals:Brave Combo|Original
  • [[World Dance Music:Brave Combo|World Dance Musi
  • [[No Sad Faces:Brave Combo|No Sad Face
  • [[People Are Strange:Brave Combo|People Are Strang
  • [[Musical Varieties:Brave Combo|Musical Varietie
  • [[Polkatharsis:Brave Combo|Polkatharsi
  • [[Humansville:Brave Combo|Humansvill
  • [[Music Circus:Brave Combo|Music Circu
  • [[Very Early Recordings:Brave Combo|Very Early Recording
  • [[A Night On Earth:Brave Combo|A Night On Ear
  • [[Iijanaika:Brave Combo|Iijanaik
  • It's Christmas, Man!
  • [[No, No, No, Cha Cha Cha (album):Brave Combo|No, No, No, Cha Cha Ch
  • Ondo Saves The World
  • [[Allumettes:Brave Combo & Lauren Agnelli|Allumette (with [[Lauren Agnell)
  • [[Hokey Pokey:Brave Combo|Hokey Poke
  • Polkas For A Gloomy World
  • Girl (with Tiny Tim)
  • [[Mood Swing Music:Brave Combo|Mood Swing Musi
  • [[Kiss Of Fire:Brave Combo & Lauren Agnelli|Kiss Of Fir (with [[Lauren Agnell)
  • [[Group Dance Epidemic:Brave Combo|Group Dance Epidemi
  • [[Polka Party:Brave Combo|Polka Part
  • [[Polkasonic:Brave Combo|Polkasoni
  • [[The Process:Brave Combo|The Proces
  • [[Kick-Ass Polkas:Brave Combo|Kick-Ass Polka
  • [[Box of Ghosts:Brave Combo|Box of Ghost
  • [[Let's Kiss:Brave Combo|Let's Kis
  • Holidays!



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  • [[Besta Polka:Musicland|Besta Polk===Soundtracks===

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