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Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, currently fronted by vocalist and guitarist Benjamin Burnley. The band released four studio albums, Saturate in 2002, We Are Not Alone in 2004, Phobia in 2006, and Dear Agony in 2009, selling over five million albums in the United States.[1]

In mid-2010, the band started a hiatus due to frontman Burnley's recurring illnesses and inability to tour. Further complications arose in August 2011 when Mark Klepaski and Aaron Fink were fired from the band.

In April 2013, Burnley announced he would press forward with the band name in the future without any of the other previous members, as drummer Chad Szeliga announced his departure from the band.

Current Band Members[]

  • Benjamin Burnley
  • Aaron Bruch
  • Keith Wallen
  • Shaun Foist
  • Jasen Rauch


  • Breaking Benjamin EP (2001)
  • Saturate (2002)
  • We Are Not Alone (2004)
  • Live EP (2004)
  • So Cold EP (2004)
  • Phobia (2006)
  • Dear Agony (2009)
  • Dark Before Dawn (2015)

Note: We Are Not Alone and Phobia both went Platinum.

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