Bros was a British boyband in late 1980s and early 1990s. The group consisted of brothers Matt and Luke Goss along with Craig Logan. Netherlands scored four hits In: Bros When will I be famousDrop the boyI owe you nothing and I quit. Their manager was Tom Watkins, who previously was the manager of the Pet Shop Boys. The rumor [citation needed ]has it that Tom Watkins has written for most songs Bros.

Their first single, When Will I Be Famous?, was released in 1987 and their first album, Push in 1988. Logan left the band a year later in the brothers went on tour together and Goss. The Timetheir second album,, was released in 1989 . In 1991 followed still Changing Faces before the band disbanded in 1991 by problems over contracts and money.

Matt Goss started a solo career in 1995 . Luke Goss resigned in the 90 's on in musicals and appeared in a number of films, including Blade II. He also took a number of singles on and was for a short time under contract with One Little Indian records.

Craig Logan was the manager of Pink and got the lead in 2006 about the label Sony BMG 's RCA Records and has for some time had a relationship with singer Kim Appleby.

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