Artist: Beep Beep

Date Released: August 24, 2004

Label: Saddle Creek

Produced By:


  1. I Am the Secretary
  2. Oh No!
  3. Misuse Their Bodies
  4. Giggle Giggle
  5. Electronic Wolves
  6. Chewy Poison
  7. Executive Foliage
  8. The Fluorescent Lights
  9. Vertical Cougar
  10. The Threat of Nature


Though Black Eyes have broken up, their influence is quickly spreading. Beep Beep, Saddle Creek’s latest hype-band, is the reincarnation of DC boys, and in fact, this record would be much more fitting sporting the Dischord brand. The quartet creates angular, dance-punk that is as quirky as it is creepy. The tempo rarely rests throughout the entire 28 minutes (only one song is longer than 3:15), pausing only momentarily to throw in a flamboyant reprise or interlude. If your ears are quick enough to catch any of the lyrics, the themes seem to explore mostly office culture (which is slightly odd) along with religion, sex and the environment. The vocals themselves choke between high pitched squeeling to creepy snickers to all out, blood-curdling screams. This is not for the weak at heart (i.e. fans of the Bright Eyes side of Saddle Creek), and their first tour is with The Faint (who seem oddly normal compared to Beep Beep). So, listen, dance, and be afraid. Michael Ardaiolo