Camel is a British progressive rock band, which exists since 1971 . The band has undergone numerous changes of occupation, with guitarist Andrew Latimer has remained the constant factor.


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The group formed in 1971, when keyboardist Peter Bardens joined Andrew LatimerAndy Ward and Doug Ferguson added in The group "The Brew". The band changed the name to "Camel" and gave up on 4 december of that year at Waltham Forest Technical College for their first gig, as support act for Wishbone Ash. In August 1972 , the group signed with MCA Records, and in 1973 the band debuted with a titelloos debut album. Camel was influenced by bands like Genesis and Santana. A number of songs was instrumental and the vocals parties were on the first albums interspersed.

The first album, however, was not a great success, and the Group switched to Deram Records. There appeared in the second 1974 album: Mirage. This is characterized by long pieces, which the Group partly for years playing live. The European cover of the album is based on the Pack of the Camelcigarette brand. There is spoken and litigated for years or for this cover copyright had to be paid. For the American market was another sleeve made. Mirage was more successful than the debut album. The third plate, the concept album Music Inspired By The Snow Goose, from 1975 was inspired by The book "The Snowgoose" by the British writer Paul Gallico and is entirely instrumental. Gallico did not want to be associated with the Camel cigarette brand, hence the band Music Inspired By had to add the text. The album meant the breakthrough for Camel. MoonmadnessIn 1976 appeared, the last album in the original cast.

In that year the first line-up. Saxophone Player Mel Collins, known from King Crimson, among other things was the fifth band member. Bassist Richard Sinclair (ex-Caravan) replaced Ferguson, in 1977 and also took most of the vocals on his behalf. The group sound went more toward jazz rock. In 1977 the album with this lineup was released Rain Dances . On the album is Brian Eno on keyboards as a guest to hear. Highways of the sun appeared on single, but hits the band would never score. In 1978 the band with the album Breathless on the further side of the jazz rock. for the supporting tour left Bardens, who was replaced by keyboardists Jan schelhaas and Richards cousin David Sinclair (both also ex-Caravan). The two cousins left the band after the tour, and were replaced by Kit Watkins (ex-Happy The Man) and Colin Bass.

The album appears with this occupation I can see your house from here, produced by Rupert Hine. It was the most consistent album of the Group since long time. On this plate is one of the favorite songs of the Camel public; the instrumental Ice. The cover caused problems when advertisers, because he showed a crucified astronaut, which looks over the Earth. Watkins left the group after a world tour. In 1981 , a second concept album appeared Nudea plate around it by dissolving of wife Susan Hoover Romanced story about a missing Japanese soldier, who nothing has noticed a peace in 1945. Watkins returned back here for the tour, then he left again.

Ward stopped playing drums in mid- 1981 , because of alcohol-drug problems and a suicide attempt. Camel was actually defunct, but Decca exerted pressure on the band to still a hit back. Eventually the album appeared, The Single Factorthat a break with the progressive roots meant. Camel now from Andrew Latimer existed with a number of session musicians, including Andy DalbyKit WatkinsChris RainbowStuart Toshand David Paton. Latimer mentioned on the LP covers that Ward could not join euphemistically due to an injury to his hand. Ward, however, had his wrist cut.

At the end of 1983 , Watkins again. In that period the band members were embroiled in legal problems with their manager that would persist for some years.

In 1984 the album appeared Stationary Traveller. This was another concept album, this time over the Berlin wall. To album Paul Burgess (drums) and Ton Scherpenzeel (keys) with it. Richie Close joined Camel on tour. The opening track "Pressure Points" was the title of the live album-video-dvd, including a heavy version of "Rhayader goes to town".

Andrew Latimer moved in the 1990s, when the lawsuit was terminated, to the United States, where he worked on Dust And Dreams that appeared in 1991 . It was based on "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck.Mickey Simmonds, Burgess and Bass were part of the band. The cd was released, but was relatively successful. Appeared In 1993 after a tour the double live-album ' Never Let Go '. Camel Productions would release many live CDs (On the road, Coming of age and 1972,1981 1982 1998 and Paris collection in 2001). Each cd has then served another occupation with the exception of Colin Bass wedding.

Latimer worked on the album Harbour of Tears especially alone, but took it up under the name Camel. The name of the album came from the nickname of the Irish port of Cobh, from which many migrants set off to seek their salvation in the us. In 1997 the group toured with Bass, Foss Patterson and Dave Stewart. The double live cd and dvd Coming of Age resulted here from.

In 1999 , Rajazappeared the quiet album recorded by Latimer, Stewart, Bass along with Ton Scherpenzeel, which even though on ' Stationary Traveller ' for the keys. For the tour, drummer Dave Stewart. He was replaced by the Canadian Denis Clement. For the tour of 2000 came also keyboard player Guy LeBlanc added, not because of his fear of flying since Ton Scherpenzeel could. In 2001 toured Latimer, Bass, LeBlanc and Clement by South America.

In 2003 appeared A Nod and a Wink, an album that for the first time in years, showing the work of a full band. The album brings a tribute to the progressive-rock bands from the seventies. Guy LeBlanc is also responsible for two tracks. After many heavy tours the previous years, the tour of 2003 announced as camel's last tour. Although Latimer wants to continue to release albums under the name Camel, he wants to because of the high cost stop live shows. Later medical problems for Andrew Latimer taken into account. Guy LeBlanc had to cancel shortly before the last tour, after his wife had gotten a heart attack . In the US took place in Tom Brislin , Ton Scherpenzeel in Europe.

Oertoetsenist Bardens died in 2002. The dvd Curriculum Vitae (2003) gives an overview of the entire career. Latimer returned back to the United Kingdom In 2006, with the intention to bring new Camel albums from his house, and to work together with old friends, such as former band members Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson. Ward and Ferguson are to hear along with Latimer in the jam Left Luggage on the dvd Footage. In 2010 appears a live dvd of the Farewell Tour and is to hear Andrew Latimer on a cd by David Minasian.

Camel autumn 2013 will be back in the spotlight. After the Farewell Tour in 2003, the band hear nothing more of itself. This was partly due to the fight against cancer that Andrew Latimer claimed for years. Latimer has overcome the disease and is therefore in October 2013 together with Colin Bass (bass, vocals), Denis Clement (drums), Guy LeBlanc (keyboards) and Jason Hart (keyboards) on the shelves again for 11 concerts within two weeks. Ton Scherpenzeel will also back in 2014 for a number of concerts.


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  • 1981 -Chameleon-The Best Of Camel
  • 1986 -A Compact Compilation
  • 1986 -The Collection
  • 1991 -landscapes
  • 1993 -Echoes
  • 1997 -Camel-Master Series (25th Anniversary Compilation)
  • 2001 -Lunar Sea


  • 1973 -Curiosity/Never Let Go
  • 1975 -Flight Of The Snow Goose/Rhayader
  • 1975 -The Snow Goose
  • 1976 -Another Night/Lunar Sea (Live Version)
  • 1977 -Highways Of The Sun (edit)/Tell Me
  • 1980 -Remote Romance/Rainbow's End/Tell Me
  • 1980 -Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine/Neon Magic
  • 1981 -Lies (edit)/Changing Places
  • 1982 -No Easy Answer
  • 1982 -Selva/Camelogue
  • 1984 -Long Goodbyes
  • 1984 -Cloak And Dagger Man/Pressure Points


  • 2002 -Coming Of Age (live13 March 1997, Billboard, Los Angeles, USA)
  • 2003 -Pressure Points (live,11 May 1984, Hammersmith Odeon, London, GB)
  • 2003 -Curriculum Vitae
  • 2004 -Footage
  • 2005 -Footage II
  • 2006 -Total Pressure (live,11 May 1984, Hammersmith Odeon, London, GB extended!)
  • 2007 -Moondances (live, april 14, 1976, Hammersmith Odeon, London, GB, 22 september 1977, Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, GB)
  • 2010 -The Opening farewell ("live, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California")
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