Headquarters: New York, NY

Founded: ?

Founded by: Todd Hyman


Genre(s): Electropop, Electronica, Modern Psychedelia (Paw Tracks)

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For a label so dependent on subtle melodies and barely audible sounds, it is odd that they are headquartered in the middle of the loudest city on Earth. Carpark is one of those labels that are sorely overlooked by 99.9% of the public but is cherished above all else by its completely devoted (and equally quiet) fan base. I know very little about the history of the label, since their website is, well, quiet. The roster speaks for itself though, spotlighting artists that cherish the intricate details instead of seeing how much sound they can pack into each possible second. It is also very important to note Paw Tracks, which is either a sister label or a subsidiary, I am not completely sure and do not want to feed you the wrong information. Either way, it has actually received more recognition in the past few months due to the hype surrounding Ariel Pink, Panda Bear and especially Animal Collective. While Carpark highlights more electronic based music, Paw Tracks deals solely with the recent evolution of psychedelia. Both labels are, without a doubt, worth your attention; your much undivided attention, otherwise you'll miss most of everything.

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