Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Carlow, Ireland

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James Strain (DJ)

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"I've been DJing since '04. Y'know, bedroom DJing. I'm too young to DJ in partys and stuff. I've always wanted turntables, which I got in '04 on my birthday, mainly because of influences like MixMaster Mike, DJ Skrilla, Joe Hahn etc.. I used to breakdance but I gradually lost interest because of DJing. Before I got turntables I used to use some virtual ones on an iMac. I started making remixes on those and, of course, they were total crap. Only when I understood that tempo matters I started actually stretching vocals to fit on a beat. I used Audacity and Sound Studio at that point. On Christmas of '04, Dad got me & my brother a Dell PC. I'm a Mac man but I wanted a PC for the apps, you know, ACID, Fruity Loops etc.. I've been using that every since to make my beats. I still do mash - ups more than original remixes but that's because, well, basically because I'm not too skilled at making beats. But when I'm messing around or just bored and I make a good loop, I usually make variants of that one loop so I can make it a full track. Then I record the scratches. Some fine tuning and then it's ready for the upload." - DJ Zap



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