Champagne was a Dutch pop group founded on October 15, 1976.

On a text and music producer Martin Duiser 's and Outsider-singer Wally Tax (by the Champagne-members Wally called Text) was recorded Rock and Roll Star . The second single was recorded In February 1977.Both plates scored well in the charts.

Champagne emerged from a number of coincidences. Trudy Schell and Bert van der Wiel knew each other from school, met in the Rotterdam music world and decided to form a duo. At about the same time decidedJan Vredenburg and Paulette Bronkhorst to end their work as a drummer and singer of the Orchestra with which they performed every day and to try their luck in a different way. They were brought together by producer Martin Duiser.

Dressed in Gatsbyclothes and with a professional stage-act knew Champagne to Captivate a wide audience. On 1 april 1981 held the group to exist.

Paulette Bronkhorst has with singer Leida Sabee 2 singles released under the name Chica and Jan Vredenburg has made a single in 1981 with the Group Shampoo. In 1982 Jan Vredenburg Champagne decided to revive again. This time as a trio with Media: Rosina Brochard (Lady) known for her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest with the group Media: "Harmony" and they signed Jean Cariot again for two singles: Woman I know and A little Bit of Soap. both songs reached the lower regions of the charts. On June 29, 2009 is Bert van der Wiel (the mustachioed singer with glasses) after a short illness at the age of 64 died. [1]

Paulette Bronkhorst and Trudy Schell have both been withdrawn entirely from the music scene.

Jan Vredenburg in recent years has been touring with his band [2Old Love doesn't rust in the music theatre program "De Bonte Tuesday evening train" along the Dutch theatres, writes books and owns an event agency.


  • 1976 Rock And Roll Star
  • 1977 Oh Me, Oh My, Goodbye
  • 1977 Valentino
  • 1978 Light Up My Eyes
  • 1979 that's Life
  • 1979 Blackjack
  • 1979 roller ball
  • 1980 Sjoo Sjoo Sugar
  • 1980 Captain
  • 1982 Woman I Know
  • 1983 A Little Bit Of Soap


  • 1977 Champagne
  • 1979 roller ball
  • 2007 The Best Of
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