Artist: Copperpot

Date Released:

Label: EV Productions

Produced By: Copperpot


  1. Welcome feat. DJsapien
  2. Get Right feat. Earatik Statik
  3. Out the Bunker feat. Braintax
  4. Get It On Credit
  5. Dreams feat. Longshot, Diverse & Profound
  6. Headtrip feat. Verb T & Cashmere
  7. Menagerie feat. Longshot
  8. See World
  9. Mflue feat. Bamski & Profound
  10. It's a Rap feat. Pacewon & Profound
  11. To Die For feat. Mr. Complex
  12. The Professional feat. Czar
  13. Pressure
  14. Money Grip feat. Braintax
  15. It's Evident feat. Iomos Marad
  16. Take'N'Over feat. Edo.G
  17. Fifteen Min. feat. Akbar
  18. Outwork


Copperpot is Chicago’s producer/turntable-ist/emcee Daniel Kuypers who contains a vast knowledge of hip-hop and was part of the turntable specialist group, The Phonograph Scientist. He started creating his own beats in 2000, and has been living off of just poker winnings for a good while. Dealing with the constant issue of bankruptcy forced him to create this album and it is being release with the help of local independent record label, EV Productions. Kuypers has that innate sense for creating sparse, repetitive and immensely effective hip-hop beats much in the same vein as Pete Rock or the RZA. His beats are always solid and never overbearing, letting the emcee take center stage on each song. He enlists a number of guests for the rhymes including Chicago rappers Diverse, Longshot and Profound along with Earatik Statik, Edo.G, Mr. Complex, Pacewon and British rapper Lomos Marad. Copperpot worked directly with each emcee keeping the production very personal and polished. The final result is a very well compiled and produced hip-hop album, hopefully this will help him out of his financial problems. Michael Ardaiolo