Headquarters: Glasgow

Founded: 1995

Founded by: The Delgados


Genre(s): Indie-Rock, Post-Rock

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I know what you are thinking (at least if you have never heard about/read about Chemikal Underground, and this is the first time you have mentally conceived a thought about the name)... "OK, this label is called Chemikal Underground, and I must note that "Chemikal" is spelled with a "k" rather than the traditional "c." This, without a doubt, is a house/drum & bass/techno label." No? That wasn't what you thought? Oh well, that's was the first of my thoughts as when I originally came across this British label. The truth is though, Chemikal Underground is far from being anything close to a house/drum & bass/techno label; in fact it is a label started by a successful British indie-rock group called The Delgados that releases music of the same nature, for the most part. Started in 1995 by the now defunct influential Glasgow foursome, Chemikal Underground grew to being internationally known for their roster of genre-bending artists. For example, fellow Glasgow-ians(?) Mogwai have been a large part in bringing post-rock into the indie-rock spotlight by taking the genre up a notch on the decibel scale. And the increasingly popular Arab Strap added a post- in front of folk in the mid 90s and refurbishing the genre for the modern times. Though The Delgados have now disbanded, all members remain friends and run the label collaboratively, which is good, because that means more quality music from the Glasgow independent music scene.

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