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Founded: 1982

Headquarters: Yorkshire, UK

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Band Members[]

  • [[Alice Nutte
  • [[Lou Watt
  • Danbert Nobacon
  • [[Boff Whalle
  • [[Harry Hame
  • [[Dunst Bruc
  • Mave Dillon
  • Neil Ferguson
  • [[Jude Abbo

Includes Members of[]

  • [[Chimp Eats Banan

Band Biography[]

An anarchist group that lives in a commune and puts out records, they have quite a Pop sensibility. The world at large tends to think of them as a one-hit wonder, from their song "[[Tubthumping:Chumbawamba|Tubthumpin", though they've had many, many records and are still recording. Many of their songs are just as poppy—it's hard to gauge the record buying public, but perhaps the use of link-tracks and samples on [[Tubthumper:Chumbawamba|Tubthumpe turned people off (particularly the sample from an autopsy or something attached to "[[Amnesia:Chumbawamba|Amnesi"?). After parting ways with [[EM, they founded their own label (distributed by [[Republi in the US). Since 2000, the group have become increasingly folk-oriented, with Readymades sampling various British folk singers (in a nod to [[Moby|Moby' use of blues samples on Play ), and a reduced line-up (now without founder members Alice Nutter and Danbert Nobacon) recording the mostly acoustic A Singsong and a Scrap andThe Boy Bands Have Won.



  • [[Another Year of the Same Old Shit:Chumbawamba|Another Year of the Same Old Shi (bootleg)
  • [[History Luddite:Chumbawamba|History Luddit (bootleg)
  • [[To Thine Own Self Be True:Chumbawamba|To Thine Own Self Be Tru (bootleg)
  • [[Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records:Chumbawamba|Pictures of Starving Children Sell Record
  • [[Know Your Enemy:Chumbawamba|Know Your Enem (bootleg)
  • [[Never Mind the Ballots:Chumbawamba|Never Mind the Ballot
  • English Rebel Songs 1381-1914
  • Slap!
  • [[Jesus H Christ:Chumbawamba|Jesus H Chris (unreleased)
  • Shhh
  • [[First Two:Chumbawamba|First Tw (compilation)
  • [[Live In Armley:Chumbawamba|Live In Armle (bootleg)
  • [[Anarchy:Chumbawamba|Anarch
  • [[Showbusiness:Chumbawamba|Showbusines (official live album)
  • Swingin' with Raymond
  • [[Portraits of Anarchists:Chumbawamba|Portraits of Anarchist (mini-album and book package)
  • [[Tubthumper:Chumbawamba|Tubthumpe
  • [[WYSIWYG:Chumbawamba|WYSIWY
  • [[Readymades:Chumbawamba|Readymade
  • Shhhlap!
  • [[Revengers Tragedy:Chumbawamba|Revengers Traged (soundtrack)
  • English Rebel Songs 1381-1984
  • Un
  • Get On With It (live album)
  • A Singsong and a Scrap
  • The Boy Bands Have Won



  • "Common Ground" (demo tape)
  • "Revolution"
  • "[[Let It Be (Single):Scab Aid|Let It B" (as 'Scab Aid')
  • "Smash Clause 28! Fight the Alton Bill!"
  • "I Never Gave Up"
  • "[[Behave (Single):Chumbawamba|Behav"
  • "Enough is Enough"
  • "Timebomb"
  • "[[Homophobia (Single):Chumbawamba|Homophobi"
  • "[[Tubthumping (Single):Chumbawamba|Tubthumpin"
  • "[[Amnesia (Single):Chumbawamba|Amnesi"
  • "Top Of The World (Ole, Ole, Ole)"
  • "Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)"
  • "[[Home With Me (Single):Chumbawamba|Home With M"
  • "[[Salt Fare North Sea (Single):Chumbawamba|Salt Fare North Se"
  • "[[On eBay (Single):Chumbawamba|On eBa"
  • "[[Fade Away (Single):Chumbawamba|Fade Awa"

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  • [[Wikipedia:Chumbawamba|Wikipedia Pag

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