Was an English band Chumbawamba . The band started as a punk band, but over the years all kinds of play styles such as dancepop with influences, folkand world music. The band is best known for the song Tubthumping, a top 10 hit from 1997.


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Early Years[Edit]Edit

Chumbawamba was formed in 1982 by a merging of two bands from Yorkshire, The Passion Killers and Chimp Eats Banana.

Sky and Trees and Agit-Prop Recordings[Edit]Edit

By mid-1980s Chumbawamba began with the release of their music on ' vinyl ', via their own label Agit-Prop (successor of their Sky and Trees Recordslabel). The first lp,Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records (1986) came as criticism of the Live Aid concert that Bob Geldof when had just organized. According to the band this concert was only meant to divert attention from the real political causes of world hunger.

[1]Jude Abbot, Neil Ferguson and Boff Whalley of Chumbawamba in 2005===One Little Indian Records[Edit]===

In the late 80 's-early 90 's were more techno-and dance-influences audible in the music of Chumbawamba. They had let their original anarchist-punk roots shooting and went more towards pop, with for example Slap! (1990) and Shhh (1992).

They also changed label and signed a contract with the independent One Little Indian. At this label they released their next recordAnarchy (1994) out.


In 1997 they signed again at another record label, EMI this time.

Also In that year they scored one of their biggest hits: Tubthumping .

They released their album WYSIWYG at EMI in 2000. In 2001 the cooperation with EMI ended.

MUTT Records[Edit]Edit

In 2002 , they created a label, MUTT, for releases in Britain. They released under this label their 11th album, Readymades, and alsoSic-Adventures in anti-capitalism, a book of political and musical texts by friends and relatives of the band members.

Car manufacturer General Motors paid Chumbawamba $ 100,000 to the song "Pass it along" to be used for an advertising spot around a Pontiac model. Chumbawamba donated the money to integral anti-corporate activistengroepringen Indymedia and CorpWatch.

In 2004 they released a album with influences from the ' world music ', titled Un .

In 2005 they decided to reduce their tour tempo some.

In 2007 confirmed the group that they would perform at Glastonbury Festival. If we are to believe the Group's website, a new album is currently being brainstormed around. The band announced that the album "will be acoustic and possibly won't sound like A Singsong and A Scrap".

The band stopped In 2012 with it. "We came up with the band at one point that what what we did will no longer be entitled to did where Chumbawamba for was founded: with music relevant and up to date." The band is constantly been active for thirty years.

The name[Edit]Edit

What the name really means, the band members never really had a very clear answer for. Usually say they themselves, despite the many speculations, that Chumbawamba means nothing actually.

Line up[Edit]Edit

The drawing-up of the band has undergone quite a few changes during the existence of the group.

The main members:

  • Alice Nutter-vocals and percussion
  • Lou Watts-vocals, keys
  • Danbert Nobacon -vocals, keys
  • Boff Whalley -vocals and guitar
  • Harry Hamer-drums
  • Dunstan Bruce-vocals
  • Mavis Dillon (left in 1995)-trumpet
  • Neil Ferguson-bass
  • Jude Abbot (1996-)-vocals, trumpet

Chumbawamba's songs in movies[Edit]Edit

An incomplete list of films in which songs by Chumbawamba were used.

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