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Originating Location: Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Syria, Iberia and Egypt.

Originating Styles: Early Christian religious music, plainchant, folk styles, theater and market music, Greek and Roman music theory.

Originating Era: Between the 6th and 9th century.

Key Composers[edit | edit source]

Early Middle Ages: Rome, Hispania, Gaul, Milan, and Ireland[edit | edit source]

High Middle Ages: France and Spain[edit | edit source]

Late Middle Ages: France and Italy[edit | edit source]

Early Renaissance: Flanders, Germany, England, and Italy[edit | edit source]

Late Renaissance: Italy, Flanders, France, Spain, and England[edit | edit source]

Baroque and Rococo: Germany, France, England, and Italy[edit | edit source]

Early Classicism: Germany, Austria, England, Spain, and Italy[edit | edit source]

Late Classicism and Early Romanticism: Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Czechia, Hungary, America, Russia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland[edit | edit source]

Late Romanticism and Realism: America, Austria, Czechia, England, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, and Russia[edit | edit source]

Neoclassicism, Neoromanticism and Neobaroque: Britain, France, Russia, Germany, and the Americas[edit | edit source]

Impressionism and Post-Romanticism: France, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, England, and America[edit | edit source]

Expressionism and Serialism: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States[edit | edit source]

Experimentalism, Aleatoricism, and Avant-Garde: America, France, Austria, and Japan[edit | edit source]

Minimalism and Post-minimalism: America and the Netherlands[edit | edit source]

Polystylism and Eclecticism: America, Russia, and Canada[edit | edit source]

Popular form: America and Austria[edit | edit source]

Key Albums[edit | edit source]

Genre Description[edit | edit source]

Western Classical is the oldest type of "serious" music. It's a huge blanket term for basically all forms of court, church and upper-middle class music, and sometimes important popular composers. Classical music can be vocal; between song and operatic theater, or instrumental; solo instrument and big orchestral ensembles -- there are many classical pieces for solo piano, violin or harpsichord. Most people think that classical music was written centuries ago, but there is still classical music being written today, though usually for a much smaller market, unless it is in a romantic or classical style. A lot of 20th/21st Century classical, however, is much more experimental than it was before (But also much more fragmented), making it interesting for smaller groups of music specialists but not for a broader market. Minimalism is the main exception.

Artists in this genre[edit | edit source]

This only includes artists for whom there are recordings.

Conductors[edit | edit source]

Pianists[edit | edit source]

Violinists[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Labels in this genre[edit | edit source]

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