The Cocktail Trio was a vocal trio of popular Dutch-language songs in the fiftiessixties and seventies. Well-known songs of the Cocktail Trio Hup hup hup , include The Flea circus , who has the key of the seen jukebox? , Kangaroo Island and Bat Four (better known as live the man who invented beer).

The founder, pianist and conductor of the Cocktail Trio was Michelle van arsdale ('s-Hertogenbosch18 may 1922). He played shortly after the Second World Waras a pianist in various ensembles, including the AVRO ballroom Orchestra. In 1951 he became the companion of Johnny kraaijkamp, and sang with him on television the song William, are you going tonight to the fillem?.

Formed In 1951 By the Gein with Tonny More (guitar) and Carel Alberts (double bass) the Cocktail Trio. The Flea circus was a hit in 1965. Other successful songs were Kangaroo-IslandBat Four ("long live the man who invented beer "), KadewaskaUrsa Major and the world only by us (a cover of Chuck Berry's compositionNo Particular Place To Go). André Madsen was the author of various songs of the Cocktail Trio.

In 1964 they made under the pseudonym "Freddy Moro" a few funny singles with a South American slant. So was a translation made by Go'away Christina (Go well Christina) of which the Dutch text would be created by one Mr Pi Loot.

For other artists, such as the Gein also wrote famous songs tomorrow I the bride (for Willeke Alberti, 1966), and the Bachelor flat (for Ria Valk, 1969).

Michelle van arsdale had to In 1979 because of vocal cord cancer several perfomances shooting; that meant a break with the two other members. Henny langeveldtook his place. In 1982 the Gein tried in vain through the courts to claim the name Cocktail Trio. He was unsuccessful; but by the death of the remaining trio quickly fell in 1985 Tonny More widely. The last few years, the recovered valoyi again several times with a Cocktail Trio program occurred.

On his 90th birthday stops eventually pianist Michelle van arsdale, the last surviving member with the Cocktail Trio.

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Kangaroo Island is written so the number and not as ' Kangaroo Island ' (Dutch) or ' Kangaroo Island ' (English).

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