Creeping Death "is the first single from Metallica's Ride the Lightning album, from 1984. The song was written by Cliff BurtonKirk HammettJames Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. The text describes some of the ten plagues from the Exodus. The song gets its title to a time when the band's movie, The Ten Commandments, were watching. At one point in the film spoke bassist Cliff Burton: "Whoa, that's like creeping death!" on which singer/guitarist James Hetfield said, "Whoa, man, write that down, sheer poetry!"


About half a year after the band had her second album, Ride the Lightning, the ep was released by Creeping Death released. On the b-side of this record stood 2 covers, Am I Evil Diamond Head and Blitzkrieg 's of the bandof the same name. Later the same ep was released on cd along with "The 12" E.P. Jump In The Fire ", which also contains the song Seek & Destroy . The Creeping Death ep was the so-called Garage Days Revisited. Later, the band released, this time with bassist Jason Newsted, after bassist Cliff Burton had come to life, in a bus crash in 1987 The $ 5.98 EP: The Garage Days Re-Revisited from. This was also a cover-ep. The covers of both EPS were later released in 1998 on the cover album, Garage Inc..


  • James Hetfield, rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Lars Ulrich, drums
  • Kirk Hammett, lead guitar
  • Cliff Burton-bass guitar
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