CunninLynguists are a hip hop group from the South of the United States, consisting of Deacon the VillainNatti and DJ Kno. Later, during the production process of the CunninLynguists album Southernunderground, second, that the artist Mr. SOS (David Diaz) from Florida at. However Mr. SOS was no longer part of the group for the third album. The group is heavily influenced by, among other things, OutkastA Tribe Called Quest,Goodie MobPete Rock and CL SmoothPublic EnemyWitchdoctorC-Bo and De La Soul. The themes of the group are everyday problems; religion, relationships, and politics here are some of the life cycle.

The debut album of the group, Will Rap For Food, was released in October 2001. It was on april 1, 2003, followed by their second album, Southernunderground. In addition to a production contribution of DJ RJD2 and Kno Domigo made virtually all ' beats ' for this album. In addition there were also vocal contributions from the relatively known ' rapper ' Masta AceSupastitionTonedeff and Cashmere. The third album, A Piece of Strange, came worldwide on January 24, 2006. The entire album was produced by DJ Kno and features vocal contributions by other Cee Lo GreenImmortal Technique and Tonedeff. On 27 november 2007 appeared the fourth album Dirty Acres, with contributions from Devin The Dude, Phonte, Sheisty Khrist Chizuko Yoshihiro, Witchdoctor, and Club Dub. In the first quarter of 2011 is the fifth album released, called Oneirology, where collaborations with, among others, TonedeffFreddie Gibs and BIG K.R.I.T. on it.

The song "W.c.g.". used samples from Wheelchair Groupie, a song by the Dutch band Alquin.

The Group has many occurred with relatively well-known artists such as Cee Lo Green, Brand NubianPeople Under The Stairs and Nappy Roots.



  • Will Rap For Food [LP] (2001)
  • Southernunderground [LP] (2003)
  • Sloppy Seconds vol. 1 [MixTape] (2003)
  • Sloppy Seconds vol. 2 [MixTape] (2005)
  • A Piece Of Strange [LP] (2005)
  • Dirty Acres [LP] (2007)
  • Strange Journey Volume One (2009)
  • Strange Journey Volume Two (2009)
  • Oneirology (2011)
  • Strange Journey Volume Three (2014)
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