Damon Albarn (English pronunciation: /ˈdeɪmən ˈɔːlbɑrn/, born 23 March 1968) is an English singer-songwriter and record producer who has been involved in many high profile projects and collaborations throughout his career. He is perhaps best known internationally for his current role as the lead vocalist and songwriter of Gorillaz, whose first two studio albums had sold more than 20 million copies combined by 2007. He came to prominence, particularly in the United Kingdom, as the frontman and primary songwriter of Britpop band Blur, and has also helmed projects such as The Good, the Bad & the Queen, Monkey: Journey to the West and Mali Music. Albarn has released multiple singles and albums which have charted at #1, both in the UK and internationally.

Albarn was voted the 4th greatest frontman of all time in a national 2010 Q magazine poll.

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