Founded: b. 1952

Headquarters: New York, NY

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit

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  • [[Talking Head
  • [[Brian En
  • [[They Might Be Giant
  • [[DEV
  • [[The Resident

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  • [[Talking Head

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[[David Byrn is most known for being the frontman for the influential band [[Talking Head, however he has also had a strong solo musical career, as well as being a celebrated photographer, filmmaker and visual artist (particularly his experiments with Powerpoint). He's also founded the label Luaka Bop, on which he releases pan-genre music, though typically with a bit of a World Music bent (though he hates that term). Like his work with [[Talking Head (though, to a lesser degree), each of his solo records typically has a different sound, though they all sound like [[David Byrn albums. He also keeps a journal on his website, where he writes about whatever strikes his fancy—lately, it's been copyright and intellectual property issues—at his first post of 2006, the first line was "Happy New Year. Don’t Buy CDs from the Big 5." (His current label, Nonesuch is part of the "Big 5", though.) He's currently been working on various art installations, but presumably a new record is on the way.

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  • The Wired CD
  • [[Future Soundtrack For America:Barsuk|Future Soundtrack For Americ
  • [[19-Track Guide To The Month's Best Music:Uncut|19-Track Guide To The Month's Best Musi

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  • [[In Good Company:Soundtrack|In Good Compan
  • [[Blue In The Face:Soundtrack|Blue In The Fac

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