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David Van Cortlandt Crosby (Los AngelesAugust 14, 1941) is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. He made from 1965 to 1968 part of the folk-rock group The Byrds and formed afterwards with Stephen Stills (of Buffalo Springfield) and Graham Nash (of The Hollies) the supergroup Crosby, Stills & NashNeil Young (also of Buffalo Springfield) joined them to when they performed at the Woodstock festival .


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David Crosby is the son of cinematographer Floyd Delafield Crosby and Aliph Cortland Whitehead, who in 1940 were married to each other. Their marriage held twenty years long stand, after which Crosby's father with the script girl born in California married Betty Cormack. [4[5since then he and his four years older brother, Ethan Crosby, raised by their biological mother. [4By the success of his father, whose camera work for the drama film Tabu: A Story of the South Seas in 1931 was awarded with an Academy Award,[6the young Crosby stuck with a big performance pressure and he felt undervalued. Crosby was a mischievous kid who hardly enthusiastic was interested in school and frequently to burglary. [2]

When he was in Santa Barbara (California) went to high school , Crosby worked in a coffee shop. In addition to the dishes and tables if he sometimes, to the displeasure of his father,[2with it singing at the gigs there. [7as a teenager, he formed a folk duo with his brother in 1958 under the name Ethan & David. [5[8the pair performed in coffee houses; in 1960 they played once with Cass Elliot (later of The Mamas & The Papas). [9]

In an effort to do his father a favor, wrote Crosby in 1960 in the Pasadena PlayhouseTheatre school. Soon he stopped his training and he went to Los Angeles, where he played blues guitar in a night club called The Unicorn. [2In the early 1960s traveled Crosby (in his Jaguar from 1943)[9to New York, where he in Gerdes Folk City (a job that he got through folk singer Bob Gibson )[10and Café Wha? occurred. [11In 1961, shortly after Crosby was moved, Fred Neil took care of him.

[1] He showed me where to eat, where not to go, how to roll a proper joint, where to get guitar strings ... He taught me a sizable chunk of what music was about, and even more about the whys and wherefores of being a musician. He was a hero to me.

— Brett Crosby about mentorship in New York in the early 1960s. [12]


After briefly in 1962 with Terry Collier to have occurred, he formed a folk group with Ethan Crosby, Bob Ingram and Mike Clough. Then he performed with Clem Floyd. After a few concerts added Lydia Wood join this two. A professional career in music started for Crosby in 1963, when he founded the Les Baxter 's Balladeers request with Ethan (at the time called Chip), Ingram and Clough. [13This Quartet recorded some songs on, including five on the compilation Jack Linkletter Presents a Folk Festival were released. [8he returned in 1963 back to Los Angeles. [2he was discovered by music producer Jim Dickson, who starting in the fall of 1963 and recorded a few songs with him. [14]

The Byrds[Edit][]


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Crosby visited a performance by Jim McGuinn in Los Angeles and the two became friends. With Gene Clark in 1963 they formed the band The Jet Set. They recorded some demos with Dickson,[15who settled a record deal with Elektra Records. Record boss Jac Holzman was dissatisfied with the name Jet Set and baptized the group to The Beefeaters. On October 7, 1964, their song "Please Let Me Love You" as the firstsingle released. [16[15Originally Crosby played bass guitar in this group,[17but he switched to the guitar when Chris Hillman in the spring of 1964 along with drummer Michael Clarke at fold. [Note 1]

They changed their name in August 1964 to The Byrds and exercised under Dicksons leadership several months in the World Pacific Studios. [17their second single, the in May 1965 by Columbia Records issued "Mr. Tambourine Man", was a United Kingdom both in the United States as the number one-hit. Apart from McGuinn had the remaining band members still hardly experience with electric instruments and they were therefore at the recordings of "Mr. Tambourine Man" replaced by session musicians, including drummer Hal Blaine and bassist Larry Knechtel. [18]

The Byrds were known for the guitar playing of McGuinn (on his 12-string guitar) and the harmonious vocals. Most of the work of The Byrds consisted of covers and songs written by Clark. McGuinn had the lead in the group, but over time — especially after Clarks departure in the spring of 1966[19— fulfilled Crosby play an increasingly important role. [20There was much tension between Crosby and McGuinn:[21]

[4] There was always a rub between me and David. He had to be on top, and this rivalry often turned ugly in the studio. [...] The tension the Byrds hurt terribly. We'd be searching for material and fights would break out. They got physical, and David was often at the center of them.

— McGuinn about the tensions between Crosby and the other band members. [2]


The tensions worsened on the Monterey Pop Festival. The Byrds played on 17 June 1967 on that festival and Crosby took the opportunity to his views about the credibility of the final report of the Warren Commissionand to express the benefits of lsd . The next day joined Crosby with Buffalo Springfield Neil Young had this band on. temporarily leave Stephen Stills and therefore asked Crosby to replace him. These events led to a lot of annoyance at McGuinn. [22during the recording of the album The Notorious Byrd Brothers, in October 1967, it was written by Crosby song "Triad" by the other band members rejected. They took it on, but did not want it on the album would come. Crosby was here very displeased about and ran during the recordings of "Goin' Back" without saying anything the studios. Later he was by McGuinn and Hillman fired. [23[24]

In 1973 The Byrds came together one more time in the original five-Member occupation to the album "Byrds" on to put plate. This reunion album was produced by Crosby and carries the clear musical stamp of David Crosby.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young[Edit][]

[6][7]From left to right: Graham NashStephen StillsNeil Youngand Crosby during a performance in 2006.


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After his time at The Byrds left the disillusioned Crosby to Florida to a sailing boat (a schooner called ' The Mayan ')[25to buy. He lived on it and was going to make a trip around the world. [26In november 1967 he attended a performance by Joni Mitchell in "The Gaslight South ', in Miami. [27[28the two later drew a lot with each other on and also had a relationship. Crosby decided not to travel the world, but moved to Los Angeles with Mitchell. Mitchell signed a record deal with Reprise Records and was allowed to record an album, but only if someone who was familiar with the folk rock genre for the production would take. Crosby produced her debut album, ' " Song to a Seagull, which in 1968 in the Sunset SoundStudios was recorded. At the same time worked Buffalo Springfield there to their third and final album: Last Time Around. Stills played on Mitchells album guitar and bass guitar. [27]

Crosby and Stills, in 1968, Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) on with the British musician Graham Nash (of The Hollies). It is unclear where this group was formed: according to Crosby and Nash were playing together for the first time in the living room of Mitchell, but according to Stills, this happened during a party in the House of Mama Cass. In the summer of 1968 they took in the Wally Heider Studios San Francisco to their eponymous debut album on May 29, 1969, which was issued by Atlantic Records . Crosby wrote three of the songs: "Guinnevere", "Wooden Ships" and "Long Time Gone". The drumming was provided by Dallas Taylor, who were with Crosby and Stills in a House of Peter Tork (of The Monkees) lived. [29CSN reached with Crosby, Stills and Nash the sixth place in the American chart and won a Grammy Award as best newcomer.

During the recording of their second album, entitled Déjà Vu, closed Young joined them to. In August 1969 were playing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) on the Woodstockfestival. [3a friend of Crosby, Christine Hinton, was killed on september 30, 1969 near their home in Novato when she in his Volkswagen-van drove to the vet. [30this event hit Crosby depressed. [25]


He is also heard on Harvest, the most successful solo album by Canadian musician Neil Young, released in 1972. In the often complex, recognizable harmonies of his groups, he is typically the highest voice on his behalf. His voice is raw and bells and often he puts his falsetto on.

In 1985 , he was a year imprisoned in Texas for drug possession, but he was freed on appeal. Some years later he had to, possibly because of his drinking, undergo a liver transplant . On 6 March 1987 , he was inNew York arrested for arms and drugs possession. He had baggage left in a hotel. After a hotel employee when attempting the owner to figure out a 45-caliber weapon, a knife and marijuana was made, he was arrested.

To Melissa Etheridge and her lesbian partner to a child to help sperm David Crosby has ceded. He has a son, James Raymond, equal at birth for adoption was ceded, but with whom he is reunited. Together with him and Jeff Pevar he formed a band, Crosby, Pevar and Raymond. He also still with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash on, but usually only with Nash.

Crosby (and Nash) can be seen on the dvd Remember That Night by David Gilmour. In addition to singing along with Shine On You Crazy Diamond among other things bring them, along with Gilmour, also their own number Find the cost of freedom performed.


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Family Tree[Edit][]

            William Bedloe ' Crosby

(1786-1865) [31]

  Harriett Ashton Clarkson


Jacob Lansing Van Schoonhoven

(september 12, 1807-april 3, 1882) [32]

  Elizabeth Maria Van Schoonhoven

(april 9, 1826 – January 26, 1847)

  Edward Nicoll Crosby


  Francis Delafield
            Frederick Van Schoonhoven Crosby


  Julia Floyd Delafield


          Aliph Van Cortland Whitehead

(11 October 1905 – 19 March 1973) [33]

  Floyd Delafield Crosby

(12 december 1899 – 30 september 1985)

  Betty Cormack
Floyd Delafield Crosby Jr.

(1937-1997 or 1998)

  Jan Dance   David Van Cortlandt Crosby

(born: August 14, 1941)

      Debbie Donovan
      Django Crosby

(born: July 1995)

  James Raymond

(born: 15 May 1962)

  Erika Keller

(born: 1966)

  Donovan Anne Crosby

(born: 1975)



Solo albums[Edit][]