Artist: Head Automatica

Date Released: August 17, 2004

Label: Warner Brothers

Produced By: Dan the Automator


  1. At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet
  2. Brooklyn is Burning
  3. Beating Heart Baby
  4. Please Please Please (Young Hollywood)
  5. King Caesar
  6. Dancy Party Plus feat. Tim Armstrong (Rancid)
  7. Disco Hades II
  8. Solid Gold Telephone
  9. Head Automatica Soundsystem
  10. I Shot William H. Macy


Head Automatica is the ecclectic pair of Daryl Palumbo, the former frontman of the Long Island hardcore group Glassjaw, and Dan the Automator, or as his mother knows him, Dan Nakamura, producer and beat-maker for the Gorillaz and Handsome Boy Modeling School. Together they have created an exciting and fun album that is far from the creaters' previous projects. Palumbo’s dynamic and energetic vocals are matched by a slew of upbeat musical styles including cock-rock, funk, new wave, electronica and garage. Each song is an all out party, and really only deserves to be played at max volume with a large group of old skool new wave dancers sported in sleek, hot colored suits with greasy hair. The album sounds is if it was recorded live thanks to the crisp production and Palumbo’s supporting cast, including Glassjaw drummer Larry Gorman. Decadence is as colorful as it's artwork, but sadly, it also has as much depth as the insert. Michael Ardaiolo