Department S is a British new-wave group, which in 1981 with "Is Vic there?" one big hit scored.

The forerunner of the Department S was Guns for Hire, a ska-collective led by singer Vaughan Toulouse. Together with Mike Herbage (guitar) brought this group the single ' I'm Gonna Rough My girlfriend's Boyfriend Up Tonight ' from on the Korovalabel. When Eddie Roxy (keyboard) and Stuart Mizan (drum) join the band added, they changed their name in Department S, to a television series from the sixties. Eddie Roxy later left the group, and was replaced by Mark Taylor. Further still played John Hasler on drums and Tony Lordan as bassist with the group.

Their first gig took place in London , in the Rock Garden, in July 1980. Their debut single, "Is Vic there?", was released on Demon Records, with Buffin and Overend Watts (former members of Mott the Hoople) asproducers. By the success of this song took the production on RCA Records ; the b side was a cover of "Solid Gold Easy Action" by t. Rex, with Thunder Thighs as backing vocals.

On 3 december 1980 took the group some songs in a John Peel session on: "Is Vic there? ', ' Age Concern ', ' Ode to Cologne (Stench of War)" and "Clap Now". Their next single, ' Going Left Right ', however, did considerably worse: Stiff Records, for which she now worked, was dissatisfied and eventually broke off the cooperation, notwithstanding the fact that the label allegedly already such a £ 50 000 in their first studio album, Sub-Stance, had invested. This album would appear only in 2003; lead singer Vaughan Toulouse, however, was already in 1991 to aids died, and after "Is Vic there? ', in 1981, it was with the group in fact already ended.

In February 2007, Department S, for the first time in twenty-six years, again a number on: a cover of "My Coo Ca Choo" by Alvin Stardust, with Mark Bedford of Madness as a guest musician. In addition to the original members Herbage, Roxy and Mizan also play saxophone player Terry Edwards and backing vocalist Michelle armed robbery is on this number. This single would appear in June 2007.

Although the band In Spain reached the number 1 position with ' I Want ', but in the final analysis is Department S, the Group of new wave classic "Is Vic there?" always remained a one hit wonder . Also this song is in the u.k chart hit, but never higher than the twenty-second place was sufficient to establish the name of the band.


[hide]*1 discography



  • 1981 Is Vic there? /Solid Gold Easy Action
  • 1981 Going Left Right/she's Expecting You
  • 1981 Monte Carlo or Bust I Want/
  • 2007 My Coocachoo
  • 2009 Wonderful Day EP (Featuring Glen Matlock/Marco Pirroni as guests)


  • 2003 Sub-Stance
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