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===Active Roster===
===Active Roster===
[[Antelope]], [[Beauty Pill]], [[Capitol City Dusters]], [[El Guapo]], [[The Evens]], [[French Toast]], [[Fugazi]], [[Lungfish]], [[Medications]], [[The Pupils]]
*[[Beauty Pill]]
*[[Capitol City Dusters]]
*[[El Guapo]]
*[[The Evens]]
*[[French Toast]]
*[[The Pupils]]
===Inactive Roster===
===Inactive Roster===
[[Artificial Peace]], [[Autoclave]], [[Beefeater]], [[Black Eyes]], [[Bluetip]], [[Branch Manager]], [[Circus Lupus]], [[The Crownhate Ruin]], [[Dag Nasty]], [[Deadline]], [[Egg Hunt]], [[Embrace]], [[Faith]], [[Faraquet]], [[Fidelity Jones]], [[Fire Party]], [[Government Issue]], [[Gray Matter]], [[Happy Go Licky]], [[High Back Chairs]], [[Holy Rollers]], [[Hoover]], [[Ignition]], [[Iron Cross]], [[Jawbox]], [[Make Up]], [[Marginal Man]], [[Minor Threat]], [[Nation of Ulysses]], [[One Last Wish]], [[Q and Not U]], [[Red C]], [[Rites of Spring]], [[Scream]], [[Severin]], [[Shudder to Think]], [[Skewbald/Grand Union]], [[Slant 6]], [[Smart Went Crazy]], [[Soulside]], [[State of Alert]] (S.O.A.), [[Teen Idles]], [[Three]], [[Trusty]], [[Untouchables]], [[Void]], [[The Warmers]], [[Youth Brigade]]
*[[Artificial Peace]]
*[[Black Eyes]]
*[[Branch Manager]]
*[[Circus Lupus]]
*[[The Crownhate Ruin]]
*[[Dag Nasty]]
*[[Egg Hunt]]
*[[Fidelity Jones]]
*[[Fire Party]]
*[[Government Issue]]
*[[Gray Matter]]
*[[Happy Go Licky]]
*[[High Back Chairs]]
*[[Holy Rollers]]
*[[Iron Cross]]
*[[Make Up]]
*[[Marginal Man]]
*[[Minor Threat]]
*[[Nation of Ulysses]]
*[[One Last Wish]]
*[[Q and Not U]]
*[[Red C]]
*[[Rites of Spring]]
*[[Shudder to Think]]
*[[Skewbald/Grand Union]]
*[[Slant 6]]
*[[Smart Went Crazy]]
*[[State of Alert]] (S.O.A.)
*[[Teen Idles]]
*[[The Warmers]]
*[[Youth Brigade]]
===Key Releases===
===Key Releases===

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