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Originating Location: USA

Originating Era: Early 1970s

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A genre of music that grew out of 1960s and 1970s Funk and Soul. disco was a popular form of dance music, known especially for its thudding 4/4 beat, and typically lush arrangements. Good for roller skating. Many lyrics were about thinking about sex, dancing or just having a good time, though there were a few socially conscious disco songs. The genre was very much a singles format, and was one of the genres to take full advantage of the 12" single, usually putting extended mixes of songs for dancing on either the B-side or even the A-side. There was a huge backlash against Disco -- some people see it as a form of culturally-acceptable Americana, as disco was an important part of both Black and Gay subcultures, but other people think it was just a case of over-exposure. Disco as "disco" went away in the end of the 1970s/early 1980s, although they forgot to get rid of the awful lighting. Some acts even openly embrace the "disco" label! Disco People like to dance. It looks a bit funny but mainstream pop goes even worse and the lights hurt your eyes!

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