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The Downloads Section is a place where you can download free "Ogg" format files. Some of these downloads are put up under licences, so please check to make sure that you don't use them illegally. Then, on the other hand, some of these files are not under any licences, so they cannot be used for Commercial Uses, Remixing, or any kind of Advertisement, without first contacting the copyright owner of the tracks, and gaining permission to use the tracks. Thank You, and Enjoy!! Jay

Note To Copyright HoldersEdit

I am not the Copyright holder of these tracks, and at the request of the Copyright holder, I will remove these tracks immediatley. If you are the Copyright holder of any of these tracks, please E-Mail me at jeremiah@mit.midco.netand please state why you would like them removed, and I will remove them. Thank You. Jay

License IndentificationEdit

Other IdentificationEdit

  • (Ask): This means that that paticular track is exclusively available on this site, and you must ask for permission from us before posting it on any others sites.

Elephants Dream (Original Film Score)Edit

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