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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: Another dub club mix! Hooray! This one, the theme is space, and, well, here it is! I thought about doing one with all different versions of "Fly Me To The Moon", as I've got about a billion of them, including the Brave Combo one and the soundtracks to Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I decided that might get old quickly. But I might still do it. Maybe if we repeat themes or something and I feel like bein' a jerk. So, anyway, here's a bunch of songs that aren't that one.


  1. Billy Nayer Show - Ship Alarm
  2. mc chris - Fett's Vette
  3. Barnes & Barnes - Don't You Wanna Go To The Moon
  4. The Young Fresh Fellows - Middle Man Of Time
  5. David Bowie - Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
  6. t.A.T.u. - Cosmos (Outer Space)
  7. Simulated Bear - Magical Adventures In Space: Opponent Force X
  8. The Dead Milkmen - Rocketship
  9. Air - Kelly Watch The Stars (Moog Cookbook remix)
  10. DEVO - Planet Earth
  11. eels - Daisies Of The Galaxy
  12. Frank Black - Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
  13. The Incredible Moses Leroy - Beep Beep Love
  14. Jon Langford - Sputnik 57
  15. Brave Combo - Flying Saucer
  16. Toni Basil - Space Girls
  17. Sparks - I Married A Martian
  18. Ben Kweller - How It Should Be (Sha Sha)
  19. Too Much Joy - Different Galaxies
  20. XTC - Science Friction
  21. Tubeway Army - Praying To The Aliens
  22. Adam Streed - Magical Adventures In Space Theme
  23. Marvin The Paranoid Android - Marvin I Love You
  24. Sonny Sharrock - Ghost Planet National Anthem
  25. Nash The Slash - Theory Of The Black Hole
  26. Billy Nayer Show - Astronaut Story