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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: After all the stress over the Offensive Comp (and the non-solution the nice comp), we finally decided on "B-sides that should have been A-sides". The theme isn't necessarily supposed to be taken literally -- basically, it's just shorthand for songs that should have been hits that were B-sides, album tracks, unreleased, whatever, but I actually did go for the literal interpretation. There are a couple that were b-sides-as-well-as-album-cuts, and a couple deep-cuts-on-EPs, but for the most part, we're talkin' stright B-side joy here.


  1. They Might Be Giants - She Was A Hotel Detective
  2. bis - Not Even Close
  3. Primus - Making Plans For Nigel
  4. The Fastbacks - Go All The Way
  5. David Bowie - Velvet Goldmine
  6. John Linnell - Louisiana
  7. Shonen Knife - Till The End Of The Day
  8. Barcelona - Social Engineering
  9. Ween - Who Dat
  10. Pet Shop Boys - Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
  11. X-Ray Spex - Age
  12. Belle & Sebastian - Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie
  13. The Posies - King Midas In Reverse
  14. Thomas Dolby - Leipzig
  15. The Residents - Loser Is Congruent To Weed
  16. Mono Puff - Tryptophane
  17. Pixies - Manta Ray
  18. Barnes & Barnes - Objectivity
  19. The Young Fresh Fellows - Skyscraper of Facts
  20. Tubeway Army - We Are So Fragile
  21. The Vapors - Wasted
  22. XTC - Chain Of Command
  23. They Might Be Giants - Welcome to the Jungle
  24. KaitO - Trailous
  25. DEVO - Mecha-Mania Boy
  26. Beach Boys - 'Til I Die