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Creator of the Mix: Rev. Syung Myung Me

Initial Notes About The Mix: When I was compiling my real dub club mix for this time, for the "Animal" theme, I noticed that I had an awful lot of songs about cats as well as creepy crawly things. So, I figured, hey, why not make this a 2-discer? Or, at least, in theory, as I'm not actually going to burn this one, I don't think, and just put it up online. This one was a bit looser, and I think there were a lot more natural segues in here than in the other one -- I ended up liking a lot of the ones just how they ended up landing in my iTunes playlist when I drug stuff over, and didn't have to do nearly as much shifting around (where I spent a couple hours on the other one). This one's got a whole bunch more stuff by repeat artists (from both this disc and the other), and it actually DOES feature a track from The Residents' Animal Lover! How 'bout that?


  1. Billy Nayer Show - Funta And Funtinte
  2. James Kochalka Superstar - Hey Kitty!
  3. The Moog Cookbook - Cat Scratch Fever
  4. Takako Minekawa - Fantastic Cat
  5. Devo - Pink Pussycat
  6. Supersnazz - Black Cat
  7. Danny Elfman - The Cat Is Dead
  8. Billy Nayer Show - Head Of A Cat
  9. Fluffy Kittens - Eleanor
  10. Takako Minekawa - Cat House
  11. Kinks - Phenominal Cat
  12. Billy Nayer Show - My Cat
  13. Barnes & Barnes - Cats
  14. The Residents - On The Way (To Oklahoma)
  15. Sparks - Here Kitty
  16. Yoko Ono - Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)
  17. Shonen Knife - Catnip Dream
  18. Negativland - Pump Gag
  19. Vintage Chimps - The Cat's In The Garden
  20. The Flying Lizards - What's New Pussycat
  21. Bis - Stray Cat Blues
  22. R. Crumb & The Cheap Suit Serenaders - My Girl's Pussy
  23. The Sonics - Leave My Kitten Alone
  24. Supersnazz - Do The Kitten
  25. James Kochalka Superstar - Kitty In A Coma
  26. Billy Nayer Show - The Cat The Crow And The Snake