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Creator of the Mix: User:Ailas

Initial Notes About The Mix: This is my fifth mix disc for our Dub Club. The theme this time was "space," which I decided to interpret as "science fiction." Of course I picked the dorkiest title possible for this mix, but it's fitting (albeit awful), and if you get the reference you too are a geek. Anyway, I tried to stick with mostly songs that actually have a science fiction theme (or at least some related mentions within the lyrics), but there are a few exceptions, notable "Solar Sister" and "Trek To Stupidity," which I pretty much chose just because of the song titles.


  1. The Timelords - Doctorin' The Tardis
  2. bis - A Portrait From Space
  3. The Beach Boys - Solar System
  4. The Young Fresh Fellows - Trek To Stupidity
  5. Sparks - A Fun Bunch of Guys From Outer Space
  6. The Langley Schools Music Project - Space Oddity
  7. The Posies - Solar Sister
  8. The Sugarcubes - Speed is The Key
  9. Super Furry Animals - (Drawing) Rings Around The World
  10. Klaatu - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
  11. Tubeway Army - Praying to The Aliens
  12. The Sugarcubes - Planet
  13. The Dead Milkmen - The Secret of Life
  14. William Shatner - Rocketman
  15. Harry Nilsson - The Flying Saucer Song
  16. Jon Pertwee - Who Is The Doctor