Artist: DEVO

Date Released: July 1979

Label: Warner Brothers / Virgin

Produced By: Ken Scott


  1. DEVO Corporate Anthem
  2. Clockout
  3. Timing X
  4. Wiggly World
  5. Blockhead
  6. Strange Pursuit
  7. S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)
  8. Triumph Of The Will
  9. The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize
  10. Pink Pussycat
  11. Secret Agent Man
  12. Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
  13. Red-Eye Express
  14. Soo Bawls
  15. Penetration In The Centrefold

(tracks 14 and 15 only on Infinite Zero reissue)


This is my favorite DEVO album. It really is one of those perfect albums. Loads of great songs, a great sound, and, well, DEVO. DEVO's made many great albums, but this is the best. If you can find it, pick up the Infinite Zero version with a couple extra bonus tracks from that era, along with a swell remastering job. I'm not sure if the recent CD issue on Collectibles is remastered as well—I'd hope so, though. Even if it's not, though, this album is a must-own for everyone. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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