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Edward James Kendrick (Birmingham (Alabama)december 17, 1939 died October 5, 1992), better known as Eddie Kendricks, was an American soul, pop and disco singer and songwriter. Characteristic to his singing was his falsetto voice. For that he has a solo career, he was a member of the successful The Temptations Motown group.


[hide]*1 Biography



Eddie Kendricks began his singing career in Birmingham, Alabama. There he met his future Paul Williams, friends Kel Osbourne and Willie Waller. This he formed the band The Cavaliers. In 1957 the group moved to with a detour via Cleveland, Ohio to Detroit, Michigan. Willie Waller however, and so the group went so a threesome.Once in Detroit, they call themselves The Primes. They also had a sister group The Primettes where among other things the future Supremes Diana RossFlorence Ballard and Mary Wilson were sitting. Then in 1961 Osbourne to California remained left Kendricks and Williams as only two over. When it became apparent that at The Distants, another group from Detroit, left and new members were also searched, decided Williams and Kendricks together with them to form a group. They called themselves The Elgins. That name turned out to exist already, it was chosen for the name The Temptations, the temptations.


At the beginning of their career, The Temptations Eddie Kendricks were Paul Williams, Otis Williams , Melvin Franklinand Elbridge Bryant. When Bryant was replaced by David Ruffin only came the first hits for the group. On these songs Kendricks sang the lead. "The Way You Do The Things You Do", "I'll Be In Trouble" and "Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" are examples of this. Also on "The girl's Alright With Me", a minor hit but using Kendricks written, he sings lead. When "My Girl", with David Ruffin as lead, in the us at number 1 came, sang Kendrick only sporadically lead in numbers. That were sung mainly by Ruffin in future.In 1968, however, The Temptations Ruffin had to leave. He was replaced by Dennis Edwards, previously member of The Contours, another Motowngroep. From the arrival of Edwards started The Temptations to make a new kind of music, psychedelic soul. It usually more than 1 person sang lead. This gave Eddie Kendricks so again more opportunities to work with the other "Tempts" to sing solos. This also happened on songs like "Cloud Nine", "Run Away Child, Running Wild" and the No. 1 hit "I Can't Get Next To You". Kendricks itself did not really of this new style. He desired back to the love songs that made The Temptations in the beginning of their career. Then in 1971 "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" came out, it turned out to be too late. Even though Kendrick had almost the entire lead in the song and the weather was a love song, he wanted to leave The Temptations. When Kendricks was already gone, took out the number though still number 1 position on the U.s. chart.

Solo Career[Edit][]

Eddie Kendricks began his solo career In 1971. In the first few years seemed to be a flop career. None of his singles as "Eddie's Love" and "If You Let Me" reached the top 40. When producer Frank Wilson in 1973 with the song "Keep On Truckin'", however, this turned out to be the turning point arrived. It turned out to be not only Kendricks ' first top 40 hit, it was also his first and only number 1 hit. This was not his only successful number. "Keep On Truckin'" was replaced by "Boogie Down" a number 2 hit. After this, there were a few other top 40 hits as "Son Of Sagittarius". Kendricks left Motown and In 1978 took his success. In 1982 he went along with David Ruffin and the Temptations remaining on a reunion tour. However, this proved not to be a success. When he left The Temptations to go along with Kendricks decided Ruffin again touring. In 1985 they performed with Hall & Oates during a benefit concert. In 1989 the duo together with Dennis Edwards had decided to go rows as "Ruffin/Kendricks/Edwards, Former Leads of The Temptations".However, this proved to be unsuccessful. Ruffin died in 1991. Eddie Kendricks trad when back on as a solo artist. He died on October 5, 1992 of lung cancer.


Eddie Kendricks with The Temptations that lead sings songs[Edit][]


  • 1971: "it's So Hard For Me To Say good-bye" (# 88)
  • 1972: "Eddie's Love" (# 77)
  • 1972: "If You Let Me" (# 66)
  • 1973: "Darling Come Back Home" (# 67)
  • 1973: "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (Part 1)" (# 87)
  • 1973: "Keep On Truckin' (Part 1)" (# 1)
  • 1974: "Boogie Down" (# 2)
  • 1974: "One Tear" (# 71)
  • 1974: "Son of Sagittarius" (# 28)
  • 1974: "Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need" (# 50)
  • 1975: "Get the Cream off the Top" (# 50)
  • 1975: "Happy" (# 66)
  • 1975: "Shoe Shine Boy" (# 18)
  • 1976: "he's a Friend" (# 36)