Eisbär "is a song by Grau zone. The single came out in 1981 and in 1986 is reissued as MCD. The song is regarded as the biggest hit that Grau zone had in her short life. A year after single Eisbär attacked the band split up.

The text of Eisbär:

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein
im kalten Polar,
dann müsste ich nicht mehr schrei'n,
everything wär so klar.
Polar bears müssen nie weinen.

The song has a cold atmosphere with her Dadaist Eisbär text. In the song sings singer Stephan Eicher what it will be like to be a polar bear, without any worries and pain. If he would be a polar bear he would also not hurt common. The song contains a drum party and is covered by dark saxophone sounds.


In the Whooping 11111111, a list of best songs of all time, compiled by the public, Kink FM in 2006 the 171е Eisbär obtained place.

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