"Embarrassment" is a single from 1980 by the British ska-pop band Madness . It was written by saxophonist Lee Thompson and took fourth place in the UK charts . In the Netherlands, it became a No. 2 listing and it along with " Baggy Trousers "the biggest hit for the nutty boys . The B-side "Crying Shame".

History edit ]Edit

The Motown -like "Embarrassment" was recorded in mid-1980 for the second album Absolutely . The text is about a white girl (Tracy Thompson's sister) that is disowned by her family because she has a daughter (Hailey) of a black boy. The video, which the band members an increasing / decreasing horn playing, was included in the concert hall Camden Music Machine. There were also playback appearances in television shows like Top of the Pops ; late January 1981 Madness came to the Netherlands to visit the Toppop studio and the new program TROS- Star Club . "Embarrassment" became a regular part of the repertoire and survived the serious phase Madness went through after 1981.

Radio 2 Top 2000 edit ]Edit

Number (s) with markings 

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

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Embarrassment - 1251 1705 1218 1476 1590 1981 - - - 1517 1704 - 1704 1624


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