Erämaan Viimeinen

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Erämaan Viimeinen is a song by Nightwish and released as single in Autumn 2007.

Description Edit

The song has Finnish lyrics and is sung by Jonsu from Indica. It became the third single of the album after “Amaranth”.

Track Listing Edit

Standard Edition
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Erämaan Viimeinen" (feat. Jonsu)Tuomas Holopainen 5:11
2. "Erämaan Viimeinen" (Instrumental)Tuomas Holopainen 5:40
3. "Escapist" (Metal Hammer Promo Single only)Tuomas Holopainen 4:59
4. "Escapist" (Instrumental, Metal Hammer Promo Single only)Tuomas Holopainen 4:57

Differences with "Last of the Wilds" Edit

"Erämaan viimeinen" is not an exact replica of "Last of the Wilds". It has vocals and lyrics, there is no seashore-sound in the beginning, there is an additional keyboard-track in the C-part and the kantele-outro has been removed.


Country Peak
Flag of Finland Finland 1
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