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Experimental rock (or Avant rock) is a rock -oriented art music that is experimenting with the basic elements of the genre and which shifts the boundaries of what is usual forcompositions and play techniques.


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Psychedelic rock[Edit][]


Psychedelic rock , see main article.

The flow began in the mid 1960s with rock acts like Velvet UndergroundFrank ZappaCaptain BeefheartJimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. On the one hand, influenced by jazz musicians like John Coltrane and Sun Ra and avant-garde composers like John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen began to break with other masters bands fixed musical forms.

Progressive rock[Edit][]


See main article progressive rock on this topic.

Germany was formed In the 1970s from the Krautrock. Also in those years was a leading producer Brian Eno . A leading progressive rock band belonging to the uniqueness isKing Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp around.

Proto-punk and Proto New Wave[Edit][]

New York had a number of bands that were experimentally set and following later in the punk and new waveNew York DollsPatti Smith and later Television and the Talking Heads.

No Wave[Edit][]


No wave , see main article.

No wave was a short-lived but highly influential variant of punk in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The main no wave artists came from the Lower East Side in New York. The term no wave has two meanings: first, it refers to the experimentaliteit of the genre (no wave belonged to no other style), on the other hand, it is a play on words with which the commercialism of the popular new wave genre was rejected. Parallel to the Nick Cavewere No Wave, Cabaret VoltaireEinstürzende Neubauten and Throbbing Gristle active in Europe.

Noise rock[Edit][]


Noise rock , see main article.

Noise rock is a genre of indie rock and punk rock oriented art music that is characterised by the English name: noise noisemeans. It is a difficult music style in which download is sinned against all the rules that usually apply in pop music. The origin lies in the punk and the modern classic flow noise.

Indie Rock[Edit][]


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Indie is an umbrella term that is used for music that characterize themselves generally leave by her attitude: an aversion to commercial music and a penchant for theexperiment. The name comes from the English Word independent, what independent means. Indie-music can be quite diverse, from ambient to heavy metal, but usually mean one named a subgenre of the so-called alternative rockindie rock, which became known by bands like PixiesPavement and Sonic Youth. By bands like Mudhoney andNirvana was the grunge genre.



Lo-Fi , see main article.

In the early 1990s became the more popular Lo-Fi-flow by the arrival of the relatively cheap porta 4 track cassette recorders. Suddenly it was possible to just for many musicians at home instead of in an expensive studio to record music. Best known names are Guided by VoicesSebadohBeckJohn Frusciante and Adam Richman in Netherlands.



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Halfway through the 1990s post-rock. Post-rock is often instrumental and has long stretched compositions, deviating from the Verse-Chorus-Verse principle. It can be seen as a reaction against the Stoner rock andGrungeNu metal, alternative rock, indie rock as presented but in reality by the creative intervention of the major record labels increasingly transformed to formulistische mainstream guitar rock.


There had been a revaluation for the early 80 's rock, the post-punk. Experimental exponents of this movement are LiarsThe RaptureYeah Yeah Yeahs.

New Weird America[Edit][]

Around 2000 there was simultaneous with the post-punk revival the New Weird America movement that experimental music on eclectic manner mixed with folk. Bands Animal CollectiveThe DodosYeasayerMiracle FortressThe LuyasThese Are Powers.