Artist: Dub Trio

Date Released: October 26, 2004

Label: ROIR

Produced By:


  1. Drive by Dub
  2. Casting Out the Nines
  3. Scoop and Smash Em
  4. Sick Im Kid
  5. Real Wicked Ways
  6. Awakening Dub (live)
  7. Fur Boots on the Party Moose (dub)
  8. Sick Im (live)


For the most part, you can distinguish a band’s particular sound by their name; and with a name like Dub Trio, the NYC band does more than just leave you with a hint. This three-piece creates solid dub (effects-ridden, instrumental reggae) with the help of little post-production and overdubs (save keyboards and melodica). Concentrating on their live sound, the Dub Trio infuses elements of jazz, math rock and electronica into the already established dub vibe. They also do a good job of not letting the listener drift away as the album progresses. Exploring the Dangers Of implores into the possibilities and depth of dub music without becoming redundant as a lot of dub albums can. They progress while still staying true to the roots of the style. Michael Ardaiolo