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Founded: 1979

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Website Link(s): Giant Lever




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Band Biography[]

A really good biography is here, actually.



  • ...and his Orchestra
  • Very, Very Powerful Motor
  • Bike, Toy, Clock, Gift (a/k/a In America)
  • Never Fails, Never Works
  • The Question Is No
  • Zücker
  • Answer the Phone, Dummy
  • New Mansions In Sound
  • Here They Are... Live at the Crocodile
  • The Day That Didn't Exist
  • Truth, Corrosion & Sour Bisquits


  • Fastbacks Play Five Of Their Favorites
  • Every Day Is Saturday
  • Gone to the Moon
  • Alone In a Furniture Warehouse Scaring You Away Like A Hotel Mattress
  • Win Lose Or Both


  • "It's Your Birthday" b/w "You Can't Be Happy"
  • "In the Winter" b/w "It Came to Me In a Dream"
  • "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong" b/w "In America"
  • "In The Summer" & "You Can't Be Happy" b/w "Everything I Don't Need" & "Queen of Eyes"
  • "Lose b/w "King of Hubcaps"
  • The Answer Is You
  • Live In America
  • "Run No More" b/w "Really"
  • "Now Is the Time" b/w "Sometimes" and "Was Late"
  • "They Don't Care" b/w "Out of the Charts"
  • "Gone to the Moon" b/w "Go All the Way"
  • "Wait It Out" b/w "The Jester"
  • "Answer The Phone, Dummy" b/w "Allison" and "All In Order"
  • "Rat Race" and "I Live In a Car" b/w "Telephone Numbers" (and one Sonics cover by The Meices)
  • "I Can't Win b/w "Girl's Eyes"
  • "A-A-A" b/w "Marionette"
  • "Maybe" and "On the Couch" b/w "Teenage FBI" and "I'll Return"

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  • Hype!

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