Fiddlin' John Carson (Fannin County1868 - March 23, Atlanta11 december 1949) was an American fiddler (violinist) and singer in the old-time music. He brought plates out when their sale still in its infancy. His success encouraged record companies to more artists to hillbilly , the forerunner of country and rockabilly.


Carson was born in 1868 in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia. [2He developed on the fiddle at an early age that his ancestors had taken from Ireland to America. When he was about eleven years old, he played during a political meeting in CopperhillTennessee, where Governor Bob Taylor added him the nicknameFiddlin' -Taylor also played fiddle. Carson played over the years during more political campaigns. In addition he earned his money with jobs as a farmer, jockey,moonshiner and the railways. After he had left to Atlanta in 1890 and worked in a cotton factory, he also increasingly performed as fiddler. [1[3]

In 1913 he lost his work in the factory by a strike, leaving him forced to earn money, she was in the streets with his fiddle. He loved his four performances for large crowds with self-penned songs over the alleged murder of Leo Frank on Carsons knowledge Mary Phagan. [3Frank's innocence was nevertheless posthumously in 1986 by the Government of Georgia. [4]

Yearly was Carson with his colorful character between 1913 and 1935 the big favourite during the Georgia old-time Fiddlers ' Convention and his performances were described in detail in the local newspapers. In 1922, he was also one of the first artists on the WSB was heard, the first radio station of Atlanta. Thanks to many requests from listeners to hear for years he remained settled on this radio station. [3]

Dealer Polk Brockman tipped producer Ralph Peer of OKeh label about Carson,[2which Carson took up his first record there in 1923. He was the first countryartiest who released a commercial plate in the South. This first plate was The little old log cabin in the lane with on the other hand the instrumental song The old crow cackled and the Rooster's going to them. The first edition of five hundred pieces hit quickly sold out and convinced other boards bosses that country music commercially interesting was to take up. [1]

In the 1920s he took at OKeh records on both as a solo artist, as with his daughter Rosa Lee (under the artist name Moonshine Kate) and under the guidance of the Virginia Reelers. He took 123 different songs together and fiddledeuntjes, whereby, as a result, early texts of important folk songs on the record have come. [1]

Carson interrupted his musical career from 1931 to 1933 during the great depression and again in 1934 took music on, this time with the label RCA Victor's Bluebird.However was his primitive style by now fallen from grace and in the rest of the US drew the attention he hardly still. He knew the public In his own State of Georgia to achieve and still he remained known as showman, comedian and political campaigner. [1]

Carson died in 1949. In addition to his daughter Moonshine Kate, with whom he featured new treatments of many, entered his grandson Johnny Carson (no son of Moonshine Kate) in his footsteps as country singer. [1[5]

Carson was posthumously in 1982 included in the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame and in 1984 in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

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