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Creator of the Mix: Aila

Initial Notes About The Mix: This is my third Dub Club mix disc, this time for a "Best of 2005" compilation. The rules for this particular best-of were a bit loose, and so this includes not only tracks released in 2005, but also songs I discovered for myself over the year. That said, there are only five songs on here that weren't released in 2005 - The Kinks' "Hatred (A Duet)," from 1993's Phobia album, the Puffy AmiYumi track from Nice., and four records that came out in 2004 - The Ditty Bops, Blanche, IQU, and Fastbacks releases. 2005 was a strange, turbulent, year for me. But there were certainly some bright spots, and these songs may have been a few and/or provided musical accompianment for some of them!

Some of the bands on here are local Seattle groups - The Minus 5, The Posies, IQU, The Sacred Truths, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (now out of New York), and the late great Fastbacks. A couple of the songs are somewhat difficult to get ahold of at the time of this writing, notably the Junior Senior track (provided you don't live in Denmark or Japan) and especially the Sister Vanilla song (the album of which has also only been released in Japan so far). But the vast majority of these are fairly easy to come by, and I'd highly recommend picking up all the records these songs came from if you haven't already. Onward to 2006! (err, yeah we're already there, I know!)


  1. The Minus 5 - Lyrical Stance
  2. Sister Vanilla - Can't Stop The Rock
  3. The Sacred Truths - Another Roadside Attraction
  4. Laura Cantrell - What You Said
  5. Blanche - Do You Trust Me?
  6. The Ditty Bops - Wishful Thinking
  7. Fastbacks - Ball of Fire
  8. Madness - Shame and Scandal
  9. Liz Phair - Everything to Me
  10. The Posies - Conversations
  11. New Order - Waiting for The Sirens' Call
  12. t.A.T.u. - Friend or Foe
  13. The Kinks - Hatred (A Duet)
  14. Puffy AmiYumi - Tokyo Nights
  15. IQU - Sun Q
  16. Ladytron - Sugar
  17. Super Furry Animals - Ohio Heat
  18. Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - Look at Me
  19. Emiliana Torrini - Sunny Road
  20. Brian Eno - Bone Bomb
  21. Junior Senior - Dance Chance Romance
  22. The Real McKenzies - Bugger Off