Artist: Apostle of Hustle

Date Released: August 24, 2004

Label: Arts & Crafts

Produced By:


  1. Folkloric Feel
  2. Sleepwalking Ballad
  3. Baby, You're in Luck
  4. Energy of Death
  5. Song for Lorca
  6. Animal Fat
  7. Dark is What I Want/Strutters Ball
  8. Gleaning
  9. They Shoot Horses, Don't They
  10. Untitled


Apostle of Hustle is Broken Social Scene guitarist Andrew Whitman. After staying two months in Cuba with his godmother’s family, Whitman took all of his inspirations from the trip and manifested them into this album. Recorded in four different places, including the Rocsac (Jim Guthrie’s old pad in Guelph, ON), a huge Italian church in Hamilton, ON, Whitman’s bedroom and BSS’s recording spot, Stars & Sons in Toronto (with some songs take pieces from each studio), along with some of the other BSS members, Folkloric Feel is a conglomeration of styles, feelings, inspirations and sounds. Proclaimed a digital/analog Frankenstein by Whitman, the album really lives up to what he was trying to convey. The enitre album is a solid 4-track DIY outing, devoid of any fillers. The basis is straight-ahead indie rock, but each song contains notable influences from various world styles and instrumentation. This is a damn fine album and deserves your attention. Michael Ardaiolo