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Front Cover of the "We Major" Mixtape


  1. Green Lantern Intro
  2. 100 Degrees
  3. Dolla
  4. Bloc Party
  5. S.C.O.M
  6. Remember The Name (Funkadelic Remix)
  7. Bleach (Jimi Remix)
  8. Spraypaint & Ink Pens
  9. Petrified (Doors Remix)
  10. Get It
  11. Be Somebody
  12. Respect 4 Grandma
  13. There They Go (Green Lantern Remix)
  14. All Night (Rush)
  15. Nobody's Listening (Green Lantern Remix)
  16. Cover And Duck
  17. Remember The Name (Album Version)
  18. Petrified (Album Version)
  19. Outro


  • Fort Minor: We Major is the official Mixtape of Fort Minor, that was released before-hand to promote the premiere Fort Minor album, The Rising Tied. It contains no Parental Advisory, but is all Explicit Content, as most Mixtapes are. And I recently found out that the Mixtape is not illegal for people to buy, even though the samples were aquired illegally. So make sure to get your copy of this Mixtape Masterpiece! For edited versions of several tracks, please buy a copy of the Fort Minor: We Major EP (Vinyl).

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  • Produced & Mixed by Mike Shinoda.
  • Executive Produced by Shawn Carter.
  • Mixtape A&R by Seth "Dawgie Diamonds" Zaplin.
  • Coordination by Dave Parker.
  • Engineering by Reuben "Swift" Vidal.

Mixtape Track/Sample Information[]

  • "Green Lantern Intro" – Written and performed by DJ Green Lantern. Contains the following samples: "Mic Check" by Juelz Santana; "Victory" by Puff Daddy; "Feel the Beat" by LL Cool J; "Crazy in Love" by Beyoncé and Jay-Z; "Put You On the Game" by The Game; "Knockout (Intro)" by Rahzel; Michael Buffer's catchphrase "let's get ready to rumble!"
  • "100 Degrees" – Written by Mike Shinoda. Performed by Fort Minor. Contains a sample of the movie Gangs of New York.
  • "There They Go (Green Lantern Remix)" – Written by Mike Shinoda. Performed by Fort Minor and Sixx John. Contains the following samples: "Is That Yo Bitch?" by Memphis Bleek; "Encore" by Jay-Z; "Stay High" by Three 6 Mafia.
  • "All Night (Rush)" – Written by Takbir Bashir, Apathy and Celph Titled. Performed by Tak of Styles Of Beyond, Apathy and Celph Titled. Contains the following samples: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush, and "Victory" by Puff Daddy.
  • "Outro" – Written by Mike Shinoda and DJ Green Lantern. Performed by DJ Green Lantern. Contains a sample of "We Major" by Kanye West.