Founded: b. 1965

Headquarters: Boston, MA

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Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV is probably best known as Black Francis the frontman for the seminal Rock band Pixies, who were huge influences on many bands -- most famously Nirvana. The band only recorded four albums (and an EP) before breaking up. After the demise of Pixies, while Kim Deal was having critical and commercial success in The Breeders with her sister Kelley, Mr. Thompson swapped around his stage name and started releasing solo records as Frank Black. Though he had some minor hits, for a while his records weren't as well received critically or commercially as his bandmate's -- perhaps people were expecting more of a Pixies sound from Frank Black, but it was not to be the case, as he wanted to explore different forms of music, looking more into Alt. Country and Americana as well as the straight-ahead rock of his former band. Later, he formed Frank Black & The Catholics, featuring many known studio musicians (including Eric Drew Feldman who worked with Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger and Pixies). His most recent project was recorded without the Catholics, but in Nashville with a lot of big-time Nashville Session Musicians.





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