Founded: b. 1940 d. 1993

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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Frank Zappa is one of the most known and most prolific composers of the modern age. He always wanted to be, and though of himself primarily as, a Classical composer, although he realized that if he actually wanted to have his music heard, he'd have to do Rock music -- though he didn't seem to have much beef with Rock as some classical-type guys -- after all, the experimental nature of some forms of Rock and the acceptance of studio experimentation in that genre more than others allowed Frank Zappa to do the types of things he wanted to do anyway -- the only real concession he had to make was to add lyrics for the American Pop Music Consumer to listen. Given time, though, he was able to do straight Classical compositions as well as Jazz and Rock. Shortly before his death, he collaborated with Johnny "Guitar" Watson and Hun-Huur-Tu with a combination of each of their styles, but outside of a brief appearnace in a documentary film for UK TV, the sessions have not been released.





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