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Future House is a sub-genre of House that takes electronic music and amplifies it into more of a pop and mainstream sound, it's a genre that skyrocketed in popularity in 2012, and is one of the key and most popular electronic genres of the 2010s.

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Future Bass features an EDM kick-drum along side an "ducking" bass drum and a deep bass, also featuring an lead average-speed key-changing Synthesizer along side an counter melody Synthesizer, which is normaly played during the breakdown, normaly having an bpm at around 120.[1]

Background & Etymology[]

Future House is a genre that emerged from the EDM Pop era of mainstream music in the early 2010s, the genre gain popularity in mainstream music thanks to, which he would release numerous songs under this genre, and comment on this style of music saying "Its a way to escape reality [and all the negativity]". This genre quickly became one of the mainstream and key sounds of the early 10s, with ever artists like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus getting into the scene. The term "future house" was coined by French DJ Tchami who used the term without considering it a genre saying in a 2015 interview "Future house was meant to be 'any kind of house music that hasn't been invented yet, so I never considered it as a genre. I guess people made it what it is because my music was specific and leading to build a bridge between house and EDM, which isn't a bad thing". Later, in 2016, the popular online music store for DJs Beatport added Future house as one of three new genre tags.[2] Later in 2017 Selected, an Electronic Record Label, uploaded to YouTube a Future House mix, featuring popular House artists including Tchami, which has gained nearly 10 million views.[3]


Example of Future House clothing in's "Scream & Shout" music-video

Future House is associated with Futuristic-casual clothing with Visors, mainly worn by black males and queer males. The clothing was popularized by in the early 2010s appearing in some of his music-videos at the time.[4]

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