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Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1990

Label: PopLlama

Produced By: Various, including Conrad Uno, Kurt Bloch and The Young Fresh Fellows


  1. This Is Gonna Be A Great Show
  2. Gus Theme
  3. Boy-Girl
  4. Ted, Woody And Junior
  5. I Lose Control
  6. Time Flies
  7. Calendar Girl
  8. We Are The Salesmen
  9. Watching Scotty Grow
  10. Evil Ways
  11. Earthbound
  12. Leather Taxidermy
  13. Sittin' 'Round Doin' Nothin'
  14. She's So Far Out She's In
  15. The Bittersweet Beluga
  16. Lookin' Good (split across two sides)
  17. Scott, Nobleman of Edenbrook Forest
  18. Highway 94
  19. Lovely Is The Life
  20. The Family Gun (demo)
  21. The Interstellar Rebellion
  22. Rock Around the Clock
  23. "Juiced" (part one)
  24. Movin' On
  25. "Juiced" (part three)
  26. Trek To Stupidity
  27. Little Brown Jug Twist


This is a fan-club cassette only release. Good news is, though, that it's really easy to come by -- PopLlama still has loads of copies. However, well, it's basically a fans-only release if'n there ever was one. But if you're a fan, it's really cool. Lots of live stuff, and the Young Fresh Fellows are SUCH a good live band. Lots of fun, goofing around—random covers, jokes, routines, etc. And it's got a live version of "Trek To Stupidity", which seems like one of those songs you'd think would live only on a record. Other stuff includes Kurt Bloch's demo for The Family Gun (from This One's For The Ladies), and their cover of Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl". Still though—if you're new to the Young Fresh Fellows and you see this tape—you might as well just keep on a'walkin'. It'll be there when you're ready. - Rev. Syung Myung Me