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Originating Location: Scotland

Originating Era: 1997

Key Artists

  • Oi Polloi
  • Mill a h-Uile Rud
  • Atomgevitter

Key Albums

Genre Description

Gaelic Punk is a new phenomenon in both Scottish Gaelic culture and punk music. Gaelic is the indigenous yet endangered language of the Scots. It has a long and distinguished literary heritage, the bulk of which is in poetry, song and ancient stories which until the past few decades were passed on orally.

The language first raised it's head in punk circles with 'Gaelic for Punks' classes at the Edinburgh European City of Punk festival in 1997, attended by punks from throughout Europe.

Three bands to date have started recording in the medium of Gaelic. These being Oi Polloi from Edinburgh/Dùn Eideann, Mill a h-Uile Rud from Seattle and Atomgevitter from Glasgow/Glaschu.

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