Garth Brooks (TulsaOklahomaFebruary 71962) is a singersongwriter and actor, who makes country music. Nowadays he spends a lot of time oncharities.

Brooks provided a great musical contribution to country music in the 1990s. He appeared out of nowhere without the stereotypes of male country star and was right large commercial successes by elements from pop music and rock music integrated in his live shows. Soon began to dominate the country style his music and the sales of his record shot up.

Brooks enjoyed his successful career, with 70 hit singles and 15 albums in the charts have stood behind his name. But he wanted more and wanted to extend his career.He threw himself at a later failed media project that revolved around a fictional alter ego Chris Gaines.

After about a decade to have made music, announced in 1999 to Brooks to stop music and performances. He wanted to focus on raising his daughters. He disappeared just as quickly from the music world as he had come. For a lot of fans from all over the world, he remains a legend.


[hide]*1 early life and career

Youth and career[Edit]Edit

Garth Brooks grew up in Yukon, in the State of Oklahoma. His father worked for an oil company and his mother was active as a country singer in the 1950s. Garth got while growing up more and more interest in the music and sang in casual dining with his family, but his main interest was Athletics. He did to American footballbaseballand track and field in high school.

Brooks went to the Oklahoma State University on an athletic scholarship. In 1984 he graduated in Marketing.

1984 was also the year that his singing career took off. He was very successful as local artist and played in packed clubs and bars in Oklahoma and the surrounding area. But his trip to Nashville in 1985 to sign a recording contract ran out on a failure. Brooks went back to Oklahoma and married in 1986 with Sandy Mahl, whom he met when he worked in a bar.

In 1987 the couple moved to Nashville, and Brooks finally found its way into the music industry. In 1988 , he was under contract at Capitol Records.

Beginning of success[Edit]Edit

In 1989 , he released his first album that high on the charts ended. Most of the album was country music, with influences from George Strait.

The album No Fences appeared in 1990 and peaked at number 1 in the charts. This album was the most sold album by Garth Brooks. There were 20 million copies sold worldwide. The number I've got Friends in Low Places was a favorite among the American troops serving in the Gulf war in 1991 were stationed. The album also contains two classics Thunder Rolls and Unanswered Prayers.


When Brooks ' third album released Elsa the Wind was in september 1991, it came in at number 1 in the charts. In the for sale were already sold four million copies. It was the first country album that came in at number 1 in the charts. Due to this success were also his first two albums sold better and once again ended up in the charts.

His fourth album is called The Chase. According to Brooks, this is the album that the depths comes out of his inner self. Also this album was a great success. However, in terms of sales numbers could not hold a candle to the previous albums.

Brooks won his first Grammy Award for best male country performance in 1992 for his album Elvira the Wind. He also won an Academy of Country Music Award for Entertainer of the year in 1990 to 1993, 1997 and 1998.

Brooks was nicknamed Garth Father. This is a reference to his "invasion" of the charts and his success as an icon of the country genre. The nickname is derived from Darth Vader and probably concocted by a dj (Nick Barraclough) of the BBC.

During this period got Garth and Sandy three children: Taylor Mayne Pearl (July 81992), August Anna (3 may 1994) and Allie Colleen (28 July 1996).

One of the later peaks in the career of Brooks was on 7 August 1997. Then he gave a free concert in Central Park in New York. It brought hundreds of thousands of people to the concert in a city that, according to some, very far from the countrygebeuren removed. Estimates to the number of visitors ranged from 250,000 to 750,000 people. This number is an estimate because a lot of people outside the park on the streets had to continue listening because the park was full. Brooks won again In 1998 the price of entertainer of the year.

Charitable Activities[Edit]Edit

In 1991 did Brooks along with many other artists along with the Voices That Careproject. There was a single released to raise money for the Allied troops in the Gulf war.

In 1999 Garth Brooks began the Teammates for Kids Foundation that took care of financial help for charity for the benefit of children. The organization operates in three different sports:

Brooks is also active as a fundraiser for many different charities including some for children. He also gives at least 1 million dollar to the protection of animals (Wildlife).


When his career was in the elevator, frustrated the Garth Brooks that this collided with his family life. He spoke all about withdrawal from the music in 1992 and 1995, but in 1999 he thought to stop about it. In 1999 he and Sandy went apart. They made their separation plans known on 6 October 2000. On 26 October of that year, Brooks officially known that he stopped performing. He had sold 100 million records at that time.

In 2001 came another album by Brooks Scarecrow. This is his last album. He did a few promotional appearances, but stayed with its decision not to act, at least until his youngest daughter Allie has become 18 years.Although the album was not sold as much as his earlier albums, it reached number 1 on the charts.

On 25 may 2005 did Brooks a proposal to his girlfriend and also country music star Trisha Yearwood. They were married on 10 december 2005 in Oklahoma. It is Brooks ' second marriage and Yearwoods third.

In september 2005 found Brooks that his retirement had lasted long enough and he put in for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane.

On 6 november 2007, however, he has a box with 2 CDs and 1 dvd released, "The Ultimate Hits", where also some new songs on it. The promo single "More Than A Memory" was of the 1st week at number 1 in Billboard's "Hot Country Songs".

On 15 October 2009, he announced his comeback. On long insistence of Las Vegas casino billionaire Steve Wynn Garth signed a 5 year contract with Wynn Resorts. Garth Brooks is now to see monthly in theEncore resort & casino Las Vegas.

New world tour[Edit]Edit

On 9 december 2013 made Garth Brooks in ' Good Morning America ' announced that he would go to a new world tour in 2014 begin, now children are independent enough.


Studio albums[Edit]Edit

Compilations and other albums[Edit]Edit


  • Grammy Awards (total 6 nominations)
  • 16 American Music Awards
  • 11 Country Music Association
  • 18 Academy of Country Music
  • 5 World Music Awards
  • 10 people's Choice Awards
  • 24 Billboard Music Awards
  • 2 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Awards
  • 2 Blockbuster Awards
  • American Music Awards, Artist of the Decade (1990s)
  • Academy of Country Music, Artist of the Decade (1990s)
  • Recording Industry Association of America, Artist of the Century (1900s)
  • 1 Radio Music Award
  • 7 Primetime Emmy Award nominations (Outstanding in a Variety or Music Program)
  • Golden Globe Award nomination (best original song)
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame: 2002
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