Ghost Town is a song from 1981 by the British ska band The Specials. It was written by keyboardist/bandleader Jerry Dammers and stood in England three weeks on first; in Netherlands, it became a top 10 listing. Experts speak of the best single on the 2 Tonelabel in Dammers. On the b-side are Why? (written by guitarist/vocalist Lynval Golding after he was attacked by racists) and Friday Night Saturday Morning (singer Terry Hall about the nightlife).


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Music and lyrics[Edit]Edit

Ghost Town is notable for the haunting intro and the jazzy downbeat atmosphere; blazers Dick Cuthell (trumpet) and Rico Rodriguez (trombone) are assisted by flutist Paul Muscat of the elevated 2 Tone band The Swinging Cats, and the vocals is nicely divided between Terry HallNeville Staple and Lynval Golding.

The inspiration for this song came when the Specials arrived for a concert in Glasgow and were confronted with the consequences of the Margaret Thatcher-policy (something the members of Madness would say when they make more serious plates went). Although Ghost Town about every town in England could go describes the especially the situation in Coventry, home of the Specials. The first verse discusses the closure of the club Tiffany's because of "too much fighting on the dance floor"; the middle part indicates that that impression has been. The second verse is about unemployed young people are left to their own and to tackle each other out of boredom."People getting angry" was exactly what happened when Ghost Town in the week of 11 July 1981 on no. 1 stood; riots anywhere in England.


But also within the band itself fiddled it; backstage at Top of the Pops , Hall, Staple and Golding (or Fun Boy Three) their impending departure, and also guitarist Roddy Radiation (which is at odds with the lived stiefvaderlijke da Don) chose for his own band with which he already occurred. Dammers, drummer John Bradbury and initially also bassist Horace Panter made a new start as The Special AKA and brought in 1984the album In The Studio that they are deep in debt stakes (despite the world hit Free Nelson Mandela ).

When Ghost Town in 1991 again was released (with the b-side a dub-mix) was Dammers don't own more of 2 Tone; the rights layers now at distributor Chrysalis Records. On the follow-up Tone-tag-team ' momentary appeared single Still A Ghost Town.

The original Specials are back together since 2008 ; only Dammers is skillfully sidelined by the management, but he has his Spatial AKA Orchestra (formed after the example of Sun Ra Arkestra) for which he Ghost Town to Ghost Planet has grown.

Chart Positions[Edit]Edit

Dutch Top 40[Edit]Edit

Chart positions: 01-08-1981 to 19-09-1981
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Position: 28 17 12 9 8 8 18 31 from

Dutch Single Top 100[Edit]Edit

Chart positions: 01-08-1981 to 26-09-1981
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Position: 20 21 12 13 21 16 25 24 38 from
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