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Template:Infobox person Giorgio Leone IT (born 8 May 1991) is an Italian disc jockey (DJ) and record executive. Leone is the Founder of Our Muzik, a group that is known for organizing underground parties. He is best known for hosting Yellow Summer Groove.[1][2]

Leone has substantial experience in playing at various nightclubs, private events, festivals and has also produced several original tracks and remixes. Some of his popular songs are Infectious, Call Me, Darkness, and Resistance.[3][4][5]

Leone has been featured in several media outlets including The Hype Magazine, Verna Magazine, California Herald, Celeb Mix, Music Times, Time Bulletin, and others.[6][7][8][9][10]

Early life[]

Leone was born on 8 May 1991 in Catania, Italy. Since he was young, Leone was inclined towards composing music. He started to get closer to DJs and music producers at the age of 16 and not long after that he started to produce original tracks.[11] At the age of 18 Leone began to perform at gigs around Catania’s most known clubs.


  • Università Ecampus (2017-2020)

During his high school years, Leone majored in Accounting and focused on learning English and Chinese.


Leone began his career right after graduating from high school. His performance at the local clubs gave him a jump-start for his career. Leone is best known for his ability to capture the audience with heavy interaction and upbeat dialogue.

Leone gained much recognition in his initial career, through which he built his network via live events. He released his first songs in 2020 Infectious and Call Me. Most of his songs were released with the Neu Gravity music label. His compositions are reflective of his experiences and how he dealt with life issues.

Leone’s group, Our Muzik has also gained recognition in the techno scene in Taiwan and Asia for its unique concept. His music style, dark-techno and tech-house with a strong groove, and a mix of positive and energetic emotions is often appreciated by the crowds

Leone is presently working on his next songs and is set to release an album by the end of 2021. He has also assisted and worked alongside several local artists throughout his career.


  • Infectious, 2020
  • Call Me, 2020
  • Darkness, 2021
  • Resistance, 2021

Personal life[]

Leone is fluent in Italian, English and Chinese. Leone currently lives with his girlfriend in Taipei, Taiwan. He is passionate about football and traveling.


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