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Glam rock or glitter rock, part of the Netherlands, also in pop music often called cousins rock , is a music style that was popular in the 70 's.


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[1][2]Noddy Holder (right) and Dave Hill (left) bySlade in 1973===England[Edit]===

After the idealistic 60s started (especially British) pop groups ever more extravagant gigs where the "dressing" of the band members was as important as the music they brought. Although one in England first to see Marc Bolan glamrocker, Alice Cooper almost certainly was the instigator of this movement. Except by wearing a girls name was Alice Cooper at the end of the 1960s on the outfits and makeup during his theatrical acts. On the cover of the first LP from 1969, "Pretties For You", is Alice depicted in a glitter dress. On the covers of the two successors: "Easy Action" (1970) and "Love it to death" (1971), the group is likewise depicted in glitter and "drag". Alice Cooper had a worldwide hit in early 1971 with the song "I'm Eighteen". A performance in England was reportedly visited by David Bowie and Elton John, who no doubt influenced by what they saw.

The English glam rock was first embraced by artists with a background in the folk-music or in art, such as David Bowie and Roxy Music's Brian Eno . The flow had thereby initially something elitairs. With the arrival of Sladethe Sweet and Mud that was quickly adjusted.


The American glam rock was characterised especially by rock hard rock music. Exponents were next to Alice Cooper, Lou ReedIggy Pop and The New York Dolls. The acts were slowly becoming a more dark, Gothic look. The American glam rock is therefore called called protopunk .


In the English glam rock was worked extensively with campelementen from the gay scene. Important characteristics were brightly colored and tight glitter clothes, platform shoes, thick layers of face paint and a light show. Also started when the trend to record video clips .

Apart from the large group real glamrockbands in above all Great Britain used many other bands and artists elements from this genre-either from the music, either from the decor-without that they themselves should be counted to the genre. The most successful examples include Queen and ABBA, who is also after changing their image still remained very popular. Even The Rolling Stones used in the aftermath of the glamrockmake-up.

The English glam rock was an important stimulator for the counter-reaction that came from the punk movement (late 1970s) that nothing had to have the "commercial, imitation and decadent" glitterpop. Especially theSex Pistols, although finally itself also not averse to Commerce, interpreted their dislike of the genre. That the sentiments against the US glamrockers different layers can be seen from the statement by John Lydon(Johnnie Rot) according to which "Killer" by Alice Cooper was the best rock album in history. Many elements were taken over by later artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna and were also in the disco and soul used.

In the 80 's turned out glam rock influence on American hard rockers like Mötley CrüeBon JoviJoan Jett & the BlackheartsQuiet Riot and import-Brit Billy Idol. British bands like Def Leppard and Scandinavian groups like EuropeHanoi Rocks and, recently, Vains or JennaHardcore superstarDirty Penny and Lordi followed those trend further. Also The English band The Darkness was popular in the period from 2000 to 2006. After 2010, it was primarily the Belgian band The tornadoes that caused much turmoil in the glamrockwereld. Nowadays a number of glambands on tour again and new albums, two examples are White Lion and Europe.

Glam rock musical, John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and the Angry Inch (1998), over the period of the glam rock, was filmed in 2001 and became an instant cult film.

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    • Glam rock teeny bopper music, must be distinguished from that of tone is much lighter and much less with ambiguities. Glam rock is akin to hairmetal.