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Grand Funk Railroad (GFR) is a American rock band. The group came on stream late 1969 as one of the first bands in stadiums and arenas were going to occur. The most notable of the Group was the raw blues-rock sound of the guitarist Mark Farner. His style is a sequel to the rock guitar evolution of the guitar heroes of the 1960s. Grand Funk emerged from a solid working class of Flint, Michigan, which was a basis for a new generation of rockers. Their success in the beginning that the rock the older bumped unconventional public history at that time dominated. They were quickly one of the most popular groups of the United States.

Mark, Don & Mel formed Grand Funk Railroad in 1969 after the dissolution of "Terry Knight and the Pack". Terry Knight became producer of the first GFR plates. The Group had success in the United States and Japan. Their first LP "On Time" was released in 1969.

Their second LP appeared the same year. Their breakthrough came during the Atlanta Pop Festival. The third album "Closer To Home" in 1970 was different in many aspects, the music more polished and the texts more deeply. The inclusion of the second Atlanta Pop Festival in 1970 was used for "Live Album".

On "Survival" (1971), a version of The Rolling Stones' hit "Gimme Shelter". The next LP "E Pluribus Funk" in the form of a coin was released in 1972. The "Phoenix" album was the first album with keyboardist Craig Frost, however not yet as an official band member. The song "Rock and roll Soul" from this album became one of the biggest hits.

From the album "we're An American Band" in 1973 made Craig Frost permanently part of the group. "Shinin'On" (1974) with the 3D-glasses on the cover was probably the greatest success on Grand Funks Swedish market. "All The Girls In The World Beware" (1974) was their last Gold LP. The song "Somekind of Wonderful" of this plate was a new big hit. One of the professional bodies on the cover was that of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Their second live LP "Caught In The Act" came out in 1975. The style of this album was again different from that of the previous one. The last plate of the golden age was "Good Singin' Good playin'" (1976).Produced by Frank Zappa, but did not break. Grand Funk went into the same years apart.

After the dissolution in 1976 Mark Farner formed the "Mark Farner Band". The other band members continued under the name "Flint". Mark Farners love for God was reflected in his lyrics. Grand Funk made a comeback In 1981 as a trio with a replacement on the bass guitar. They released two albums, "Grand Funk Lives" and "what's Funk". "Queen Bee" the single of "Grand Funk Lives", soundtrack of the film "Heavy Metal" was Gold. Nevertheless, stopped the band in 1983 with their activities. In 1996, Grand Funk Railroad reunited in the original trio-occupation: Mark, Don & Mel. They went on a concert tour of the United States expanded again. They bring their third live album In 1997 entitled "Bosnia".

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